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See how we've helped companies around the world solve their most complex hardware challenges and advance their ideas with powerful, reliable industrial computing solutions.
Quuppa Logo

Creating More Efficient Asset Tracking with Quuppa

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Safely You Logo

Leveraging AI to Improve Patient Care with SafelyYou

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Vandebron Logo

Working Toward 100% Sustainable Energy with Vandebron

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Rigorous Technology Logo
Rigorous Technology

Reducing Production Bottlenecks with Rigorous Technology

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Greenera Logo

Creating clean, mobile energy with Greener

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Prescriptive Data Logo
Prescriptive Data

Leveraging Data for Smart Building Solutions with Prescriptive Data

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Triotech Logo

Delivering Immersive Entertainment with Triotech

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Mate Gauge Logo
Mate Gauge

Acquiring Accurate Measurements in Manufacturing with Mate Gauge

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Plus One Robotics Logo
Plus One Robotics

Managing Robots with Plus One Robotics

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Greensea Logo

Advancing Underwater Robotics with Greensea Systems

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GPC Systems Logo
GPC Systems

Safe and Efficient Pallet Dimensioning with GPC Systems

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neoom Logo

Achieving energy transition with neoom

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Flasheye Logo

Preventing Mining Downtime with Flasheye 3D LiDAR

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Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH Logo
Magnetic Autocontrol

Efficiently Handling Access Control with Magnetic

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Robin Radar Systems Logo
Robin Radar Systems

Increasing Safety and Security with Robin Radar Systems

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Digitally Transforming Snowboard Manufacturing with CAPiTA MFG

Read Their Story Logo

Solving Agricultural Challenges with a Robotic Fruit Harvester by

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Grantek Logo

Implementing Industrial Automation Integrations with Grantek

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Creating One of a Kind Video Souvenirs with GDO BV

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Shooter’s Technology Logo
Shooter’s Technology

Making Sports Training More Affordable with Shooter’s Technology

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Artemis Vision Logo
Artemis Vision

Improving Warehouse Logistics Accuracy, Consistency and Speed

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SAT Technologies Logo
SAT Technologies

Creating a safer and more productive warehouse with SAT Technologies

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'IKE Solutions Logo
'IKE Solutions

‘IKE Solutions Creating the Future of Fisheries

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Datacadabra Logo

Creating a More Sustainable Environment with Datacadabra

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Creative Electron Logo
Creative Electron

Preventing Defects and Identifying Counterfeits with Creative Electron

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Bear Flag Robotocs Logo
Bear Flag Robotics

Driving The Advancement of Autonomous Agriculture Equipment

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VideoRay Logo

Exploring and Protecting Our Underwater World with VideoRay

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DaVinci Kitchen Logo
DaVinci Kitchen

Revolutionizing the World of Gastronomy Through Automated Catering Solutions

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San Diego Astronomy Association

Powering a Remotely Located, Remotely Operated Observatory

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Returning Employees to Work Safely with TempWatch from Wachter

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Artemis Vision Logo
Artemis Vision

Ensuring Product Quality Down to the Tiniest Detail

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Velentium Logo

Testing Urgently Needed Critical Care Equipment

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Liberty Reach Logo
Liberty Reach

Building the Future of the Assembly Line

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BioHiTech Logo

Harnessing Data to Manage & Reduce Food Waste

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TIMS Medical Logo
TIMS Medical

Connecting Patients With Doctors & Medical Professionals

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SkyFoundry Logo

Extracting Actionable Building Automation Analytics

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Singlewire Logo

Protecting People When and Where It Matters Most

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Princeton Identity Logo
Princeton Identity

Changing the Face of Security with Advanced Access Control

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Mother Logo

Building a Healthier, More Reliable Modern Vending Machine

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IFM Logo

Increasing Productivity and Minimizing Manufacturing Downtime

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CaptureTech Logo

Creating Reliable, Energy Efficient Asset Management Kiosks

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Photobooth Supply Co. Logo
Photobooth Supply Co.

Engineering Next Generation Portable Photo Booths

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Middleton Spectral Vision Logo
Middleton Spectral Vision

Customized Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions

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MachineMetrics Logo

Factory Analytics and Predictive Maintenance for Industrial IoT

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Unified Office Logo
Unified Office

Advanced VoIP and Business Analytics Services

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Genea Logo

A Next Generation Property Management Platform

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MegaBots Logo

Building Americas First Giant Fighting Mechs

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Desert Rotor Logo
Desert Rotor

Engineering a Next Gen UAV Control System

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SYSTEMS Equipment Corporation Logo
SYSTEMS Equipment Corporation

Control Room & Embedded PCs with Legacy I/O

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Sparklike Logo

Creating an Innovative Test & Measurement Device

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SmarterSign Logo

Reliable Industrial Digital Signage Solutions

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Candi Controls Logo
Candi Controls

Connecting businesses to the Internet of Things

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Pwnie Express Logo
Pwnie Express

OEM Services In Action

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American Woodmark Logo
American Woodmark

Industrial PCs At Work

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Steel Dynamics Logo
Steel Dynamics

An Energy-Efficient, Rugged, Solid State Computer

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Fractalia Logo

Remote Compatibility Testing & Supply on Demand

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Newly Weds Foods Logo
Newly Weds Foods

Industry Leading Food Product Manufacturer

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NASA'S Ames Research Center

A Rugged, Wide-input, Small-Form-Factor Computer

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YMCA of Centra Ohio Logo
YMCA of Central Ohio

A Reliable, Cost-effective, Industrial Firewall

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An Energy-Efficient, Reliable Computer

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JACO Inc. Logo
JACO, Inc.

Medical Carts and Workstations

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Jelec Inc. Logo
Jelec Inc.

A Reliable Network Video Recorder

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StreamOn Logo

Custom Broadcasting Appliance

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