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“OnLogic has always been very responsive to our project needs and their products continue to impress with their flexibility and reliability."Chris Draves, Vice President of Sales and Operations at Middleton Spectral Vision

Who Is Middleton Spectral Vision?

Experts in Hyperspectral Imaging & Spectroscopy

Middleton Spectral Vision (www.middletonspectral.com) specializes in hyperspectral imaging. This imaging technology combines traditional 2D imaging with spectroscopy. When a customer acquires image data with one of Middleton Spectral's cameras, they get a complete wavelength range spectrum for each pixel in the 2D image. This additional information allows for measurements to be performed, including identification, quantification, color coordinates and peak ratios.


Project Needs

A Powerful, Flexible Rugged PC

One of Middleton Spectral Vision's primary hardware challenges stems from the wide range of potential applications for their technology. The computers they utilize need to be flexible enough to accommodate multiple project demands while maintaining a high level of reliability.

“New York University's CUSP Urban Observatory was looking for a solution for an outdoor application that utilizes a Middleton VNIR hyperspectral camera and supporting hardware to remotely monitor the New York City skyline 24/7, year-round through all seasons," says Chris Draves, Vice President of Sales and Operations at Middleton Spectral Vision. "We also worked with the University of Minnesota, who were creating an Outdoor Phenotyping Cart and had a need for an outdoor remote sensing system for imaging experimental plots of corn and soybeans. The application is for phenotyping different varieties of plants and classifying different genotypes. The system needed to run off a generator and be operational for up to eight hours per day. The phenotyping cart would be used over the growing season so temperatures would vary depending on the day.”
Middleton Spectral Imaging Phenotyping Cart

Chris and the team at Middleton Spectral Vision needed a system that would provide the requisite power for quickly capturing multiple images and processing the very large data files produced by their advanced camera systems. Connectivity was also key, as efficient communication between the cameras, peripherals, and the computer would enable the fastest possible transmission of the captured imagery. The availability of PCIe expansion was also required since the team at Middleton would be utilizing camera link cards to interface with their hardware.


The OnLogic Solution

The NUVO-5000LP Rugged PC

“Due to the wide range of client projects that Middleton [Spectral Vision] works on, they needed the flexibility to customize their hardware platform," said OnLogic Solution Specialist Olivia Bartelheim. "Having a high clock speed with an efficient power draw on the processing side was one of their main requirements due to the sheer amount of data being captured in hyperspectral imaging. Connectivity was also key in order to allow them to capture and process data in real time, either at the edge or via the cloud. The Nuvo-5000 computer gives them the functionality to bridge the gap between the camera, the central part of their infrastructure, and the particular desired output of their clients, all while maintaining application flexibly and cost effective deployment.”
Middleton Spectral Vision Urban Observatory System
"In the case of the NYU project, we selected the Neousys fanless computer from OnLogic for its wide operating range and flexibility for this application," Draves says. "The computer is housed in an industrial indoor/outdoor enclosure along with other supporting electronics for the system. Both the hyperspectral camera and electronics box need to be installed outdoors at the top of a building that overlooks the New York Skyline."
Middleton Spectral Vision New York Skyline
"In the case of the University of Minnesota the wide operating temperature range was again a major consideration, but we also needed the ability to configure the computer to accept a high volume of hyperspectral data. The small footprint of the Neousys fanless computer is also very attractive."

Read more about Middleton Spectral Vision and their Hyperspectral Vision technology in our full interview with Chris Draves for our Powering Innovation series on our I/O Hub blog.


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