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Reducing Production Bottlenecks with Rigorous Technology

A photo of 4 people standing by a robotic arm amongst corrugated boxes

The Rigorous Team creates purpose-built robotic solutions to replace the most dangerous and repetitive tasks.

Located in Vermont, Rigorous Technology designs robotic solutions to relieve production bottlenecks for industrial manufacturers. Rigorous focuses on projects that are more complex than traditional integration services and that require advanced software controls, vision systems, and data management. The robotic solutions that they create are purpose-built for their specific applications and are designed to accomplish the most dangerous and repetitive tasks.

The problem: obsolete robotics solutions

Rigorous discovered a common problem that businesses were having with their robotic solutions. When updates needed to be made for a process change, or if issues came up with the robot, they found that businesses didn’t have the resources and/or the know-how to troubleshoot and update the robot. Over time, the robotic solutions were taken offline and put to the side due to out-of-date software or obsolete programming.

The solution: no-code configuration

Rigorous set out to create robotic systems that not only add value at the time of deployment, but continue to work for their client’s changing operations. Rigorous values ongoing collaboration and they provide flexibility to address new requirements as they arise.

The engineering team at Rigorous make user friendliness a priority and they design intuitive interfaces that allow operators to add and configure updates and quickly diagnose issues. Their software platform, the RGS library, is designed for usability with no-code configuration, automatic fault detection, and clear diagnostics.

An engineer wiring a robotic solution

The engineers at Rigorous design intuitive interfaces that allow operators to add and configure updates and quickly diagnose issues.

“We’ve found that clients are looking for automation systems that don’t require an in-house team or ongoing integration contract in order to add new configurations and troubleshoot alarms. We offer applications that are built on fully tested software and manage all system components.”

- Colin Riggs, CEO, Rigorous Technology

Integrating reliable hardware

Their solution offers a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for the operator to be able to make process adjustments and control the configuration. For the HMI, they needed a touchscreen panel PC. Since it was going to be part of a manufacturing process, it needed to be able to withstand the extremes of an industrial environment including dust and temperature variability. They selected a rugged panel PC from OnLogic.

A man standing in front of and interacting with HMI solution

OnLogic’s panel PCs can withstand the extreme environments found in many manufacturing facilities.

“We trust OnLogic computers to work for our clients because they are built specifically for heavy use in an industrial environment. Our robots can run twenty+ hours a day in warehouses without climate control. These computers run the entire system - if the computer goes down, the system goes down. Thanks to OnLogic’s decades-long focus on developing products that provide reliability and durability, we can capitalize upon the functionality that these computers offer.”

- Diane Abruzzini, COO, Rigorous Technology

Rigorous solutions in practice: The Box Hopper

One example of their robotic solutions is called the Box Hopper. This solution prefeeds corrugated packaging for folder/gluer, box former, and converting machines. It offers no-code configurations for a large range of flute and carton sizes. The solution is already showing results. At one of their clients, the Box Hopper is doing the backbreaking and mundane work previously done by multiple operators and the client has seen a 15% increase in their folder/gluer speeds.

A photo of the box hopper robot lifting corrugated cardboard boxes to move them to the next machine

The Box Hopper solution by Rigorous Technology is an example of a purpose-built solution for a specific application.

“We came for the tech but stayed for the team. Your account managers go above and beyond for their clients, a clear example of OnLogic’s corporate culture. Our account manager has taken the time to truly get to know our business. We rely on him not only to recommend OnLogic product configurations but also to recommend other products from companies in OnLogic’s network. That level of customer service will keep us partnering with OnLogic for years to come.”

- Diane Abruzzini, COO Rigorous Technology

Looking for a team to go above and beyond to help you and your business? We have technical experts with years of experience ready to help you deliver the next great success story.

  • Designed To Last

    Built with long lifecycle components and engineered to resist environmental damage, OnLogic computers let you focus on your business, not the reliability of your equipment.

  • Built To Order

    Our modular approach to hardware design means systems can be configured to your exact specifications without the expense or lengthy lead times of custom development.

  • Delivered In Days

    With locations in the US, EU, Taiwan and Malaysia, OnLogic leverages unique supply chain access, on-site warehousing and careful account management to help ensure short lead times.

Ready to Make it Possible with OnLogic?

OnLogic is here to help advance your ideas with hardware built to stand up to the dust, dirt, vibration and extreme temperatures common in Industry 4.0 environments, without sacrificing performance.

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