OnLogic in-vehicle computers feature advanced vibration resistance, a wide operating temperature range and variable power features specially designed for mobile installations in cars, trucks, trains, boats or aircraft.


Computers for Transportation

Computers designed for passenger wayfinding and tested against standards for in-vehicle use.

Computers for Transportation

Computers designed for passenger wayfinding and tested against standards for in-vehicle use.
OnLogic computers for Transportation solutions range from Digital Signage Media Players for passenger wayfinding in terminals, to rugged Deep Learning Computers designed for machine vision and artificial intelligence applications.
Whether you’re integrating a small form factor computer into a larger system requiring on premises Wi-Fi connectivity, or mounting an In-Vehicle Computer system on a rail car to capture and share data remotely via a 4G cellular connection, OnLogic has a configurable solution to fit your needs.



Highly Configurable Computers for Transportation

OnLogic solutions allow you to configure the ideal computer for your Transportation application directly online or via a consultation with our team.
Assembled to your unique specifications, a wide range of processing performance, graphics capabilities, I/O, and mounting options can be selected to provide the balance of performance and energy efficiency. Features such as DC-to-DC power input and automotive ignition sensing provide options for integration into vehicle power systems.
Need to stay connected? A range of Wi-Fi, 4G cellular, and PoE LAN connection options are available to enable local and remote control and data flow.

In-Vehicle and Rail Capable

Rail cars, public transit, and autonomous vehicles are not considered ideal locations for traditional computers due to wide temperature ranges and vibration.
OnLogic In-Vehicle Computers are tested to meet industry standards such as MIL-STD-810 and UNECE Reg.10 E-mark for consistent operation under the challenging conditions often presented by transportation applications. Regulatory compliance details are available for each system, allowing you to select the ideal solution for your needs.

Engineered for Success

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Designed for Transit

OnLogic offers a wide range of configurable hardware that ranges from Digital Signage Media Players for terminal wayfinding to In-Vehicle Computers for transportation.

Remote Data Connection

WiFi and 4G cellular options offer connectivity almost anywhere in the world. Maintain visibility over your fleet remotely.

Available Rugged Hardware

Rugged hardware designed to withstand mobile applications is tested against industry standards to support consistent operation in extreme environments.

Optional Video Block

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Expert Guidance

We're Here to Help

Our OnLogic solutions experts are available to review your requirements and recommend the ideal solution for your application.
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From in-vehicle infotainment and advanced fleet management, to mobile surveillance and asset tracking, our Transportation PCs provide highly reliable mobile computing.


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Engineered For Success


Protected Performance

Built for the demands of in-vehicle installations, our Transportation systems utilize advanced vibration resistance and solid state construction.

Automotive Power

From wide input voltages to ignition sensing and automatic on/off delays, our in-vehicle hardware has your power needs covered.

Wide Temp Ready

Often subject to fluctuating ambient temperatures, our in-vehicle computers are built with wide temp components.

More Information

Vibration Proof Computers from OnLogic

Vibration Proof

Modern industrial computers feature vibration resistant components and connections to minimize failure points and ensure reliable operation.

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Rugged Computers from OnLogic


Rugged PCs are most often designed to resist extreme temperatures, shock & vibration and exposure to dust or wet conditions.

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Wide Temperature Computers

Wide Temperature

Wide Temperature is a term that’s been adopted by the IPC industry to indicate that a computer (or component) can operate in extreme environments.

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