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Digitally Transforming Snowboard Manufacturing with CAPiTA MFG

Man holding a snowboard in a state of the art digitally transformed factory.

CAPiTA MFG makes world class snowboards in a state of the art factory in Austria.

Digital transformation in manufacturing is a challenging feat for companies of all sizes. Digital Transformation is the application of digital capabilities to improve efficiency and enhance value. According to the Research Advisory Board of Plattform Industrie 4.0 in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institutes, it is often a slow process. Some companies actively decide against digitalization. Other companies lack the economic stability, affinity toward digitization, and/or the expertise to accomplish effective transformation.

CAPiTA MFG Takes a Progressive Approach to Manufacturing

The Austrian snowboard manufacturer CAPiTA MFG, is an example of a company that takes a progressive approach to their operations. The result is one of the most high tech and sustainable manufacturing facilities in the world. CAPiTA calls their factory, the “Mothership” and it’s a great example of how manufacturing can be transformed with technology.

Photo of the Mothership, CAPiTA MFG’s state of the art manufacturing facility.

CAPiTA MFG calls their state of the art snowboard manufacturing facility the Mothership.

Sustainable and Efficient Manufacturing

Founded in 2016, CAPiTA manufactures world class snowboards at the Mothership in Feistritz, in the Austrian state of Carinthia. The team began working on digitalization of its production processes in 2018, with a goal to be the most technologically advanced and ecologically responsible manufacturing facility in the snowboard industry. All of CAPiTA’s manufacturing processes are produced with 100% clean energy. In addition, 98% of the raw materials come from within a maximum five-hour drive. The company also places great emphasis on continuous optimization in every manufacturing step.

Multiple Challenges - Two Rugged Solutions

“We were looking for industrial computers that could effectively withstand airborne particulates and vibrations. In addition, we were looking for a computer that could support both a serial port and an I/O unit that could read and output digital signals.”

- Miha Sprincnik, Production Manager at CAPiTA MFG

CAPiTA needed industrial workstation PCs close to the manufacturing process to enable their employees to monitor production machines and visualize processes. In addition, CAPiTA wanted to provide employee access to their ERP systems as well as digital documentation wherever they might be needed. This includes component lists, operational instructions, and drawings of product models.

Rugged Solutions for Industrial Workstations

CAPiTA chose the Karbon 300 as their workstation. These rugged computers are vibration resistant which allows them to be placed in close physical proximity to the machines. In addition, the computers are fanless and ventless. This design protects the system electronics from the wood dust generated during production.

A snowboard manufacturing plant digitally controlled by OnLogic’s Karbon 300 rugged computer.

The Karbon 300 is vibration resistant and can withstand being housed close to the action at CAPiTA’s snowboard manufacturing facility.

For processes that require even more CPU power, CAPiTA MFG uses the Karbon 700-SE. These powerful edge computers assist with general data collection, analysis, and automatic adjustment of machine parameters based on product identification.

“OnLogic has a very wide range of products available, even for specialized applications. The online system configurator is also very convenient, allowing us to immediately see the impact of modifications on the price.”

- Miha Sprincnik, Production Manager at CAPiTA MFG

Accelerated Production

The digital transformation in manufacturing that CAPiTA has implemented has accelerated the production enormously. Tasks are easier for the employees and in some cases, the decision-making processes previously conducted by employees have been digitized. With the help of technology, products can be identified throughout the entire production process and therefore tracked seamlessly.

OnLogic’s rugged Karbon 300 computer controlling manufacturing processes at CAPiTA’s snowboard manufacturing plant.

OnLogic rugged computers are part of CAPiTA MFG’s strategy for digital transformation in manufacturing.

What are CAPiTA MFG's Plans for the Future?

According to Miha, the company has already achieved a high level of digitalization. This opens up even more opportunities for automation. As a result, CAPiTA MFG continues to pursue this goal with great dedication.

“We are continuously working on optimizing our processes. Digitalization in a manufacturing company is a process that is never fully completed. So far, we have implemented more than ten projects in production with the help of the reliable Karbon 300 and 700 industrial PCs. But there are more to come in the next few years.”

- Miha Sprincnik, Production Manager at CAPiTA MFG
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