Anything, Anywhere.

A photo of the OnLogic CL100 mini pc industrial computer


Anything, Anywhere.


Ultra-small, yet highly capable, the CL100 is the ubiquitous computing platform ideal for any task.

CL100 Ultra Small Form Factor Computer
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Power In The Palm Of Your Hand

Measuring just 117 x 112 x 36mm, the CL100 packs dependable performance in a system that can be installed virtually anywhere.

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Not Just Another Black Box

The CL100 incorporates a modern design aesthetic while maintaining its industrial heritage, striking the ideal balance between form and function.

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Built For Your Connected World

Capable of powering triple independent displays, the CL100 lets you connect the devices and peripherals you need.

A photo highlighting the cooling fins with no vents on the OnLogic CL100 mini pc industrial computer

No Vents, No Moving Parts, No Worries

OnLogic's innovative Hardshell™ fanless technology ensures reliability by wrapping internal components in a durable, dust free, and ventless enclosure. The CL100's unique cast aluminum enclosure effectively dissipates heat without the need for a fan.

A photo highlighting the EMI shielding conductive gaskets in the OnLogic CL100 mini pc industrial computer

EMI & ESD Protected

The CL100 Series protects electronics by directing electrostatic discharge through the case with the use of EMI shielding conductive gaskets. The CL100's nickel plated interior provides additional EMI protection.

A photo highlighting the the all-metal hardshell exterior on the OnLogic CL100 mini pc industrial computer

Clean. Elegant. Industrial.

Protected by nickel plated steel and cast aluminum, the CL100 Series brings aesthetic beauty to the industrial space. Textured paint on the chassis protects your system against corrosion and wear.



The rear view of the OnLogic CL100 showing the industrial I/O ports


Industrial Fanless Mini PC


1 USB 3.0 port
1 USB Type C port
1 Audio Jack (Speaker/Mic-in)


2 USB 3.0 ports
2 HDMI ports
1 DisplayPort
1 DC input jack (12 VDC)


Intel® Celeron® N3160, Pentium® N3710
Speed: 1.6 GHz
Generation: Braswell
Cores: 4


An End-to-End Hardware Program For Volume Projects


From prototype to distribution, OnLogic’s team of experienced professionals will ensure the successful implementation of your project, each step of the way.

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