RHEL Certified Hardware by OnLogic

RHEL Certified Hardware by OnLogic helps you harness the power of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) at the edge. Deploy your RHEL image on OnLogic systems to improve response times and conserve bandwidth in your hybrid cloud environment.

RHEL Certified Hardware by OnLogic

RHEL Certified Hardware by OnLogic offers the power of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) at the edge, close to the data source. The solution enables improved response times and conserved bandwidth in your Hybrid Cloud environment.

Take Your Hybrid Cloud to the Edge

With RHEL certified industrial grade edge hardware from OnLogic, you can extend the hybrid cloud all the way to your data sources and end users. We engineer our systems to handle your tough environment - whether you need to monitor and scale your existing application in a warehouse or you are a developer creating a new application in a remote or mobile location. Our solutions offer reliability, low latency, and high performance where you need it.
Hardware Solutions

Our Most Popular RHEL Certified Hardware

Helix 500 Edge Computer - RHEL CertifiedHelix 500 Edge Computer - RHEL Certified
Helix 511 Edge Computer - RHEL Certified
The HX511 is ideal for real-time decision making in automation applications, with support for 4 simultaneous serial connections.
CL250 Ultra Compact Edge Computer - RHEL CertifiedCL250 Ultra Compact Edge Computer - RHEL Certified
CL250 Ultra Compact Edge Computer - RHEL Certified
When you need to extend your Hybrid Cloud into tight spaces at the edge, the CL250 offers Intel x86 processing and impressive I/O in a small, fanless chassis.
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Features & Capabilities

Retain and Act on your Data

To understand the benefits of edge computing using industrial hardware with RHEL, consider this real-world scenario.
A company needs to monitor the pressure of an oil well in a remote location. However, the internet connection at the site can be spotty, with unexpected drop-outs. If the internet goes down, the current hardware that feeds the data directly to the cloud is interrupted and the well pressure data is lost. This presents a risk of missing trends related to ongoing pressure fluctuations, which may indicate an operational issue. In the worst case scenario, it could be a catastrophic failure. Without a constant connection to the cloud, there would be no way to receive notice or take actions to resolve.
By utilizing RHEL certified hardware by OnLogic at that remote site, you’re able to gather, process, and store the data on-premise without an active internet connection. When the connection is reestablished, the data can be forwarded to the cloud or central server. By processing on-premise, the round trip latency of data to the cloud and back is reduced. In addition, industrial automation software installed at the edge, such as Ignition by Inductive Automation, can be configured to control the operation of the well pump when sensors detect irregularities. This on-premise, rule-based control can help mitigate non-ideal operation and the risk of failures without depending on an active internet connection. That is the power of the Hybrid Cloud.

Depend OnLogic

The edge can be a challenging place. The location of your data sources can range from factory floors to outdoor enclosures. And your end users may need to access your RHEL environment or depend on on-premise computing power at equally daunting locations. To make matters worse, a traditional fanned desktop computer can pull dust and debris present in those environments into the system itself. Over time, this build up on your sensitive electronics can shorten the life of your system or cause a complete failure.
Such failures cause downtime in operations and loss of productivity. OnLogic edge computers feature fanless cooling, a ventless chassis, and solid state components. They offer reliable and dependable operation to meet the demands of industrial applications. We have partnered with Red Hat to combine our industrial hardware with the extensive compatibility testing of the RHEL Hardware Certification program. You can have confidence in proper operation out of the box and for years to come with RHEL Certified Hardware by OnLogic.
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