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Increasing Safety and Security with Robin Radar Systems

A flock of birds fly near an airplane.

Birds can threaten the safety of air travel and vice versa.

Have you seen the movie Sully: Miracle on the Hudson? It’s based on the well known real event in 2009 when US Airways Flight 1549 flown by Captain Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger III struck a flock of Canada geese shortly after take-off. The plane lost all engine power and had to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River. Luckily, all 155 people on board were rescued by nearby boats. However, the geese that were sucked into the engine were not as lucky.

What if the location and tracking of the birds could have been conveyed to Captain Sully - could the flight have been delayed or redirected? Would that have prevented the crash thus protecting the birds and the people from the traumatic event?

Bird migration radar for safety

These are the kind of questions that inspired Dutch based company Robin Radar Systems to create solutions that increase safety and security for both humans and birds. Their bird radar systems can detect real time migration traffic, including the projected flight paths of both flocks and individual birds up to 5 miles (10K). They automatically detect and log hundreds of birds simultaneously, including their size, speed, direction and flight path. And of course, unlike human observers, their radar solutions can see in all weather, day or night.

Protecting airspace from drones

Photo of a radar on top of a vehicle and a drone flying nearby.

Drones can be a threat to aviation and for more sinister activities including espionage, smuggling and weaponry.

Birds are not the only potential danger in the sky. Drones can be a threat to aviation and can be used for more sinister activities including espionage, smuggling and weaponry. To complicate the situation, the number of drones is quickly increasing, as are their capabilities.

The Robin Radar Systems drone detection solution, the IRIS® 3D Drone Detection Radar, can help protect aircraft and other sensitive areas from drones. Their sophisticated algorithms can distinguish drones from birds and identify them from a distance of about 3 miles (5 KM). The solution can even identify the type of drone from about 1 mile (2K) away.

The Robin Radar Systems solution is accomplished using advanced micro-doppler radar technology, machine learning and smart software running on OnLogic’s K700-X2 rugged computer.

“Our project goal was to make the best, lightweight, and versatile radar. The K700-X2 was the only rugged system that met our requirements. We were looking for a reliable system with the ability to withstand a tough environment including dust and temperature variability. In addition, the system needed to offer powerful processing for deep learning.”

- IT Product Owner, Radar Hardware

Keeping birds safe from wind farms

A flock of birds flies near large wind turbines.

Robin Radar Systems offers solutions designed to keep birds safe at wind farms.

While planes are a threat to birds, they are not the only threat. The growth of wind energy, while ultimately good for the environment, is proving detrimental to bird populations. An estimated 140,000 to 670,000 birds die every year due to wind turbine collisions.

Robin Radar Systems has developed a solution designed to keep birds safe at wind farms. The solution is used both during both pre-construction and operational stages.

During wind turbine pre-construction, the radars are used to gather data on bird movements in the area. The bird flight patterns are gathered 24/7 for data analysis. Planners use the information to find the least disruptive location for the turbines.

Post-construction data is collected and compared to pre-construction bird activity to measure the true impact on the local and migratory bird population. Finally, data from Robin Radar can provide bird protection by turning off turbines to prevent collisions during migration events.

A photo of the Robin Radar Systems’ solution operating near an offshore wind farm.

Robin Radar Systems gather information on bird movement and can turn off turbines automatically during mass migration events.

Innovation and Sustainability with OnLogic

OnLogic is proud to be part of Robin Radar Systems' innovative and sustainable solutions that are increasing safety for humans and birds alike. Are you looking for a hardware platform for your innovative project? Our solutions team can help you find the best industrial computer to meet your needs. Contact them today!

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    Built with long lifecycle components and engineered to resist environmental damage, OnLogic computers let you focus on your business, not the reliability of your equipment.

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    With locations in the US, EU, Taiwan and Malaysia, OnLogic leverages unique supply chain access, on-site warehousing and careful account management to help ensure short lead times.

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