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  • Aging systems and operating systems
  • High temperature, vibration-prone manufacturing environment
  • Space constraints


  • Fanless Enclosure
  • Small Footprint
  • Intel Atom Processing


  • Reduced system recovery time by more than 60%
  • Eliminated late night service calls
  • Increased overall operational and maintenance efficiencies
“Our Cleveland, Tennessee production facility was in dire need of a hardware refresh. It had gotten to the point that support for failures was proving difficult, if not impossible, based on the age of the existing hardware and OS. I went looking for a fanless computer that would provide reliable operation of our Wonderware-powered factory HMI systems. I wanted something smaller than the towers we’d been using, but with the same performance and enhanced reliability. OnLogic was able to provide the perfect hardware fit.”James Elliott, Maintenance Electrician at Newly Weds Foods

Who is Newly Weds Foods?

Industry Leading Food Product Manufacturer

Newly Weds Foods is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of seasonings, marinades, glazes, sauces, batters, breadings, binders, and fillers for the food processing and foodservice industries. The Chicago-based company serves clients in more than 80 countries and is made up of 28 international production facilities and a number of R&D laboratories which monitor restaurant trends and develop new flavorings designed to appeal to changing consumer tastes. Newly Weds Foods employs more than 3,000 people, with an annual revenue of more than $1 Billion.


Hardware Challenges

Small Form Factor, Fanless Industrial PCs

Newly Weds Foods’ Cleveland, TN facility needed to upgrade the computer hardware on their food production line. The company was using a combination of industrial touch screens and enclosure-mounted workstation PCs to interface with their food ingredient production equipment. Their existing towers were prone to failures and difficult to service due to the age of both the hardware and operating system. In order to reduce line downtime and increase maintenance efficiencies, Newly Weds Foods Maintenance Electrician James Elliott sought out small, cost-effective fanless systems that would stand up to the environmental rigors of their production facility, including extreme temperatures and 24/7 operation.


The OnLogic Solution

The AG150 Industrial Intel Atom Fanless PC

In response to Newly Weds Foods’ request for a fanless industrial computer with a small footprint, OnLogic worked with James to identify the AG150 Industrial Intel Atom Fanless Computer as the ideal solution for their production line. The system’s 1.86 GHz, dual core Intel Atom N2800 Cedarview CPU provided ample processing power for their Wonderware implementation, and at only 1.3” tall, was able to save a great deal of space over their previous hardware solution. Consuming less than 15 watts of power, the AG150 also trimmed operating expenses while providing reliable performance thanks to its fanless, industrial design.

"James at Newly Weds Foods was in a situation common to many of our industrial workstation clients," says OnLogic Account Manager Ana von Turkovich. "Their production was beginning to be negatively impacted by aging hardware and it was time to make the switch to a more reliable, fanless solution. The AG150 gave them the computing power they needed in an industrial system designed specifically for the challenges of a manufacturing environment."


Reduced Downtime and No More Sleepless Nights

"Thanks to OnLogic I sleep much better at night,” said Elliott. “I’m no longer getting calls at 2am to come in and fix system failures. The AG150s are small, simple to setup and easy to install. When we had power outages in the past it could take up to half an hour to get the line back up and running. With these new PCs we’ve cut that time by two thirds, which is huge for us. These systems have been the perfect solution for our HMIs."

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