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Creating More Efficient Asset Tracking with Quuppa

Imagine a complex manufacturing process - like building an airplane. Getting the right parts, the right tools and the right people all to the right place at the right time would certainly be a core challenge. Orchestrating all those moving parts would have to start with an understanding of the real-time location of every single element.

Quuppa, located in Finland, understands the importance of having accurate and reliable asset location information. They’ve developed a Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) solution that can track tags and Bluetooth® devices in real time with centimeter-level accuracy. Their solutions are being used in manufacturing (including the aviation industry), retail, healthcare and more.

Image showing an airplane manufacturing facility

Accurate and reliable asset location information is critical in a complex manufacturing environment such as the aviation industry.

Nearly every industry can benefit from actionable real-time location information. For example, imagine if your local grocery store could identify the number of active carts in the store as well as their location. A store could leverage this information to identify when it was time to open additional checkout lines to maximize throughput and ensure a good customer experience. In healthcare, asset tracking can provide a secure solution for identifying the location of equipment, mobile devices and even patients. In fact, it can be used to address security concerns with infants and dementia patients who might wander.

How Quuppa’s Intelligent Locating System Works

Quuppa Locators receive signals from Bluetooth® tags, devices and sensors. Virtually any Bluetooth® device can be trackable. The Positioning Engine calculates the locations using advanced algorithms for accurate and reliable positioning in real time. For fast-moving objects, the system can update as frequently as 50 times per second. The use of standard JSON/RES - push/pull API enables seamless integration with end-user applications.

Schematic showing the different components of the Quuppa positioning solution - showing how the positioning engine is positioned between the locators and the end-user applications.

The OnLogic Helix 500 industrial computer is the recommended hardware platform for the Quuppa positioning engine.

Quuppa’s Positioning Engine Platform - the OnLogic Helix 500

Quuppa selected the OnLogic Helix 500 fanless industrial computer as the recommended hardware platform for their positioning engine. With a compact form factor and powerful processing, the HX500 delivers flexibility and reliability. In addition, the system fulfills one of their requirements to be rackmountable for simplified installation.

“OnLogic is an excellent growth partner. As our deployments scale, the demand for more powerful computers increases. We appreciate OnLogic's continuous commitment to developing and producing superior industrial computers that seamlessly align with our expanding needs.”

- An Tran, Quuppa Product Manager
Photo of An Tran, Quuppa Product Manager

An Tran, Quuppa Product Manager

Scalable and seamless Quuppa tracking for indoors and outdoors

As companies grow and discover the versatility and potential of real-time locating systems, Quuppa is expanding their capabilities and delivering solutions to meet their needs. For example, their RTLS system scales into hybrid environments to create one integrated system to track assets seamlessly between facilities and environments, indoor and outdoor. The ability to track Bluetooth mobile devices also enables tagless tracking, which can deliver big cost savings.

Quuppa is also exploring new and creative applications for RTLS. The use cases for the technology go far beyond our examples in manufacturing, retail and healthcare. Location data is increasingly being recognized as a valuable tool for a myriad of different industries, including arts and entertainment, to track priceless artwork, monitor crowd capacity, and even provide unique navigational tools and immersive experiences for event attendees. Check out their blog to learn how businesses are leveraging this technology in innovative ways.

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