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“OnLogic has consistently impressed us with their versatility and nimbleness. Working with Jairo, our Account Manager, is a joy. Their systems are reliable and long-lasting, and when we remotely tested our software for compatibility, everything went very well. Our clients have been happy with their hardware, and that makes us happy."Emilio Alfonso, General Manager, International BDM Fractalia Media

Who is Fractalia?

Digital Signage in Latin America

Based in Spain, Fractalia is Europe’s top IT infrastructure software company and an emerging leader Digital Signage Software Solutions. Their clients are leading service providers and top companies; Fractalia software is used on thousands of devices. The company has made considerable inroads in Latin America, finding success with their software solution and serving the market through a network of system integrators.


Company Needs

Compatible Hardware for Latin American Customers

As Fractalia expanded into Latin America, they needed a consistent and reliable hardware platform for their signage software. Their existing vendor provided nothing but headaches. Peripheral incompatibilities, performance failures, lack of support and long delivery times caused months of delays and provided no viable solution for Fractalia’s Latin American clients. At Fractalia’s HQ, they were looking for a solution.


The OnLogic Solution

Remote Compatibility Testing, Supply on Demand, and Fractalia-Certification

“Fractalia heard about OnLogic through the grapevine, since we had recently begun work in the region,” says Jairo Blanco, OnLogic’s Sales Manager for Latin America. “They took a look at our site and thought our hardware might be a good fit for their software platform. They were right.”

After speaking with Blanco about the hurdles they had faced and selecting several PC configurations that would suit their needs, Fractalia wanted to test the hardware for compatibility. Since sending the system to Europe would be costly and time-consuming, Blanco worked with OnLogic’s lead Field Application Engineer, Casey Atherton, to set up a remote software testing station.


Atherton prepared the system and then networked the computers the desktop so Fractalia could remotely install and test their software. It was an unequivocal success. “It was done in a matter of hours,” says Atherton. “It was good for us and them. They were able to ensure our systems were up to snuff, and nothing had to leave our building for even a minute.”


Having validated compatibility of the systems, OnLogic then worked with Fractalia to get several Certified Fractalia Media Software Solution models online for purchase by Fractalia’s integrators in Latin America as needed.


In a matter of weeks, OnLogic had provided an end to end hardware solution that exceeded Fractalia’s expectations.



Reduced Downtime and No More Sleepless Nights

“The solution we have made is a perfect match of Hardware and Software,” says Emilio Alfonso, General Manager, International BDM Fractalia Media. “We look forward to a long and healthy partnership.”


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