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How Artemis Vision Keeps A Close Eye On Product Quality

With competition for customer attention and loyalty at an all time high, the ability to capture and retain business comes down to the most minute details. Companies claiming a commitment to product quality is nothing new, but now more than ever the ability for the makers of things to promise their customers a product that's free of defects can make or break success. Visual inspection has always been a key element of quality control, but human eyes are fallible, and better suited to more subjective aspects of the manufacturing process. Creating 10 items of ideal quality is relatively easy, but doing the same for hundreds or thousands of products is no small task. So how then does any manufacturer live up to their promised quality standards at scale and ensure happy, return customers? Enter Artemis Vision.

Artemis Vision builds repeatable, tested vision systems for automated inspection and manufacturing to help businesses deliver the quality that today's consumers demand. They work closely with customers to test solutions at every step along the development process. An Automated Imaging Association (AIA) Certified Systems Integrator, Artemis Vision has worked with customers around the globe to help them improve processes, save money, reduce liability, and increase credibility.

For a pair of recent projects, Artemis Vision needed a powerful PC with a modern GPU that could reliably operate in an industrial environment. The system needed to have the capability to quickly process images from multiple cameras to keep up with the high throughput demands of their customers.

Artemis Vision's vision system for automated inspection and manufacturing

Artemis Vision inspection systems can identify minute defects to improve product quality.

Artemis Vision needed a solution that could work in a pair of applications they were developing. The first is a system for the automatic dimensioning of flooring tiles (shown above). The computer would need to receive, calibrate, and mosaic images from four high resolution cameras for consistent measurement of varying sizes and materials, providing reliable data and product quality control for the customer. The second project was a machine vision system developed to automate the inspection of woven and braided products. The system takes measurements of diameter and wire lead while also using deep learning to detect defects such as wire crossovers and loops. In both cases, higher costs and missed quality issues are involved in manual monitoring and inspection, including high scrap rates that result from catching defects too late.

Reed Schneider is a Machine Vision Engineer at Artemis Vision where he develops, tests, and deploys machine vision systems for quality control and track/trace applications. Reed is responsible for electrical and mechanical design as well as deployment of the vision systems. He worked to integrate OnLogic systems into these two innovative solutions.

"The quality and reliability we help our clients deliver needs to be backed by dependable system components, which is why we turned to OnLogic to provide us with the first-class hardware they're known for. In our solutions, the Karbon 700 does it all!"

- Reed Schneider, Machine Vision Engineer at Artemis Vision

The OnLogic Solution - The Karbon 700 Expanded

The Artemis Vision team was in search of a single computer that could be integrated into their inspection systems to serve as the primary image processing unit, run the company's neural network, and store the large amount of image data the systems create. The chosen hardware also needed to be tough, powerful, and highly connectible. Reed and his team worked with OnLogic solution specialists to identify and configure the Karbon 700 Expanded Rugged PC (K700-X2). Karbon 700's ruggedized design, full suite of configuration options and versatile installation flexibility, made it the ideal solution to power the new Artemis Vision inspection products.

OnLogic K700 Rugged Computer installed in Artemis Vision Cabinet

The OnLogic Karbon 700 installed in an Artemis Vision inspection system.

What's Next for Artemis Vision?

As the company grows, they continue to invest in building better, more reliable vision inspection systems for new markets and industries. They're committed to building systems that are highly versatile and easily maintainable from the factory floor, and they expect that OnLogic will continue to provide them with first-class hardware to support those new projects.

"OnLogic is a great provider of industrial PCs. The customer support, lead times and product quality is top notch."

- Reed Schneider, Machine Vision Engineer at Artemis Vision
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