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Returning Employees to Work Safely with TempWatch from Wachter

How Wachter is Helping Businesses Move Forward Using OnLogic Computers

Employers across America are returning, or planning to return, employees to on-site work. But until a vaccine is developed, fears of a Coronavirus outbreak must be balanced against the need to get back to work.

Wachter TempWatch thermal imaging

TempWatch instantly detects elevated temperatures to keep businesses and employees safe.

Navigating the New Normal

In response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), businesses have had to adapt, with strategies that allow them to return to on-site work while keeping employees and visitors safe. The CDC encourages businesses to create ongoing protocols that closely monitor employee well-being including establishing daily employee health checks.

Temperature screening is one type of daily employee health checks mentioned in the CDC guide. Per the CDC, any method of screening should be performed safely and according to any state and local health guidelines.

In addition to enforcing social distancing and utilizing PPE and partitions where necessary, the best way to protect temperature takers from possible transmission is to deploy a solution that doesn’t require an operator to manually scan each employee’s temperature in the first place.

A Technology Solution to a Key Challenge

Wachter, Inc., with headquarters in Lenexa, KS and offices across the U.S., is an industry leader for innovative Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions. Their latest IoT solution, TempWatch, detects elevated temperatures using thermal imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) facial detection. No operator intervention is required for each temperature scan, and the process is both quick and accurate.

The AI face detection algorithm behind TempWatch can detect individuals in a crowd and confirm that the object being scanned is in fact a human face rather than, say, a cup of hot coffee. Onboard thermal imaging provides a temperature reading for each detected face. TempWatch can also alert if the user isn’t wearing a mask, regardless of whether or not their temperature is elevated.

Plug-and-Play Dependability with OnLogic

Wachter partnered with OnLogic to create a plug-and-play solution. They chose a computer with a compact size, WiFi expansion capabilities and a fanless design to minimize moving parts and protect internal components from environmental factors. By removing the fan, a key point of failure is eliminated, offering outstanding reliability.

Through the partnership, OnLogic was able to deliver additional value including a custom BIOS and the possibility for custom branding. OnLogic’s platform and services enable Wachter to focus on TempWatch as a whole solution, rather than worry about the computer that powers it.

"With OnLogic we found the innovative IoT partner that we were looking for to help us launch TempWatch. They were extraordinarily helpful in their recommendations to meet our requirements and offered many suggestions to strengthen our offering. With OnLogic, we can now deliver a plug-and-play solution that is making a positive impact on businesses returning to on-site operations."

- Matt Tyler, Director of IoT at Wachter
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