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“The reliability of our product relies on the reliability of the hardware it runs on, which is why we use computer systems from OnLogic.”Ray Pasquale, Founder and CEO of Unified Office.

Who Is Unified Office?

A Leader in Voice Over IP Technology

Unified Office, Inc. (www.unifiedoffice.com) is a leading provider of SDN-based Hybrid Cloud managed Voice-over-IP and Unified Communications services. Their Total Connect Now℠ service was purpose-built to deliver the highest quality VoIP experience in the industry. Unified Office leverages the latest in extensible business VoIP communications technology and cloud-based infrastructure to enhance SMB workforce productivity, improve the customer experience and optimize incoming call handling and other operational efficiencies.


Project Needs

A Reliable, Small Form Factor VOIP Controller

By creating the Total Connect Now technology, CEO and Founder of Unified Office Ray Pasquale sought to fix what was wrong with the evolving Voice over IP (VoIP) industry. He wanted to make VoIP as reliable and user friendly as a traditional phone system, without the need for costly T1 internet lines or the huge upfront investment in multi-thousand dollar dedicated VoIP solutions.

“Voice is still very much a strategic part of doing business,” says Pasquale. “We wanted to allow users to work the way they wanted to work, with their own devices and existing infrastructure, while ensuring a reliable voice over IP connection to their customers.”

Unified Office's Total Connect Now has been optimized for the quick serve restaurant industry, allowing for simple incoming call handling, call cue monitoring and centralized visual display of individual location or full franchise performance. Domino's pizza franchises in nearly 20 states are currently utilizing Total Connect Now to help their stores handle incoming calls, monitor store performance and optimize day to day operations.


For the roll out of Total Connect Now, Ray and his team needed a compact, ultra-reliable computer system capable of being easily and inconspicuously installed at their client locations, but with the connectivity and processing power needed to run their software suite.


The OnLogic Solution

The MC500 Mini-ITX Commercial PC

Unified Office worked with OnLogic to select the MC500 Commercial Mini-ITX system as their Total Connect Now hardware platform. The system provides the requisite processing power and I/O, while the all-metal construction and industrial grade components make for a reliable, long lifecycle device. The system's auto power-on capabilities, and the ability to include a locking power supply to prevent accidental power loss, were both key features. In addition to sourcing hardware from OnLogic, Unified Office partner with Graybar Electric for distribution and installation of the hardware at client locations, giving them the freedom to focus on further innovating on the Total Connect Now technology.

"I'm not in the hardware business, we're a software company," says Pasquale. "This model allows us to focus on what we do best."

Unified Office currently has more than 350 OnLogic systems in the field running their Total Connect Now software and they continue to expand into new markets, making reliable VoIP communication accessible and affordable to businesses across the country.


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