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Ventilator Testing OnLogic

Made Possible OnLogic: Helping Velentium Test Ventilators at Repurposed GM Plant

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting unprecedented strain on the country's medical professionals and facilities, GM announced a partnership with medical device manufacturer Ventec Life Systems to build 30,000 of the company's VOCSN solution. The VOCSN integrates five separate devices, including a ventilator, oxygen concentrator, cough assist, suction, and a nebulizer. But before any of those life-saving devices could be shipped to critical care workers, they needed to be tested. Enter Houston-based medical device engineering firm, Velentium.

Woman inspecting computer screen powered by OnLogic computer.

GM CEO Mary Barra tours the production facility in Kokomo, Indiana building Ventec Life Systems VOCSN devices. Velentium's testing solution, installed on the orange OnLogic computer hardware shown, was used to vet each device.

Reliable Hardware For Critical Manufacturing, Fast

Velentium worked closely with GM and Ventec to create a testing solution that could quickly and accurately test the functionality of each ventilator before it left the GM plant. With no time to spare, Velentium turned to OnLogic to provide the hardware platform for this critical testing solution. The system needed to easily connect to the other devices, efficiently process test data, take up as little room as possible and, of course, be ultra-reliable.

Given the immediate need for ventilators, the fast delivery of Velentium's chosen hardware platform was paramount. The OnLogic team worked with Velentium to select and configure the computer that would provide the necessary capabilities and form factor. The team delivered the first batch of 25 to Velentium's facility only four days after their initial phone call to OnLogic. Large batch, on-time production deliveries quickly followed over the next two weeks to ensure GM's manufacturing facility would have the capacity to test the thousands of Ventec VOCSN systems being built.

"From the onset of the Ventec-GM vent build project Velentium was rushing to procure parts and build test stands as quickly as possible. Our team of engineers had to look high and low for replacement parts when suppliers could not meet the immediate demand. OnLogic turned out to be the perfect fit for us and this project. Not only were they ready and able to meet our rather rigorous demand, their computers came with every peripheral component we needed to keep our test stands running smoothly. While other suppliers have competing products, I was astounded at OnLogic’s response to such high stakes. Velentium ordered over 100 custom configured computers in a few weeks’ time. OnLogic managed to ramp up production, while maintaining health and safety protocols, in time to push every computer out the door and into our hands less than a month later. It has been an honor to work with them and they will be my number 1 recommendation for industrial computers from now on."

- Ryan Clingan, Software Engineer, Velentium
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    Built with long lifecycle components and engineered to resist environmental damage, OnLogic computers let you focus on your business, not the reliability of your equipment.

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    Our modular approach to hardware design means systems can be configured to your exact specifications without the expense or lengthy lead times of custom development.

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    With locations in the US, EU, Taiwan and Malaysia, OnLogic leverages unique supply chain access, on-site warehousing and careful account management to help ensure short lead times.

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