What Does Long Lifecycle Mean?

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What is Long Lifecycle in the IPC industry?

Computers in the consumer marketplace often have a lifecycle (or supported lifespan) anywhere between a year to three years. This is typical for the consumer market because manufacturers want to make room for the latest and greatest technology and consumers are always interested in upgrading to the newest tech. That can pose a problem in the IPC industry as customers may take up to a year to prototype system compatibility. If the industrial computing industry held to the consumer model, once a system was finally developed and ready for market, it might only have 1 or 2 years left before that technology is no longer available and revisions need to be made, incurring significant additional costs.


What is considered Long Lifecycle?

The standard long lifecycle starts at 5 years, meaning that the manufacturer has indicated that the component or system will be available and supported for a full 5 years. Due to manufacturing changes, or discontinuation due to low adoption rates, lifecycles can vary greatly.


OnLogic works with trusted vendors in the IPC industry that offer long lifecycle products and have a history of honoring full 5 year lifespans.

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