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Control your connected displays directly through your media player.

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What is Consumer Electronics Control?


CEC is a communications protocol that allows devices to exchange information and send/receive control messages, allowing users to control more than one device using a single interface. Our unique multi-CEC technology allows users to control the power state of multiple connected displays just by turning the computer on or off.

  • Control your connected displays from one location
  • Customizable settings
  • Fully integrated and ready out of the box
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  • You Have The Power

    With CEC, you can turn displays on or off from the media player itself. You'll never need to hunt for a remote control, or find a way to access your displays' power button again.

  • Customizable Settings

    We designed our CEC module to allow users to customize the way they want displays to respond to the power state of the connected computer. You can customize the settings to set delays or respond to unexpected power outages in whichever way you choose.

  • Fully Integrated

    To enable CEC in one of our compatible devices, simply select the CEC module from the dropdown configuration options. Your media player will arrive ready to connect to and control your multimedia displays.

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