For machine vision, learning, and AI applications requiring additional horsepower, we offer vision and graphics accelerators protected by our Hardshell™ ruggedized design.

Graphics Processing Unit

Graphics Processing Units (GPU)


Dedicated graphics cards work as co-processors to enable advanced image processing and are available in a range of industrial fanless, actively cooled, and removable cassette configurations.

  • Wide range of GPU & system customization options
  • Long-lasting industrial design for challenging environments
  • Perfect for deep learning, machine vision, AI, and high-end image processing
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  • Fast & Powerful Image Processing

    Match your performance needs with our selection of GPUs ranging from space-saving half-height cards to full dual-card solutions, and everything in between.

  • Durable, Industrial Design

    Keep your GPU-based application cool, protected, and running longer with durable Hardshell™ design, engineered specifically for challenging environments.

  • Application-focused Performance

    Industrial GPU computers provide a dependable platform for autonomous driving, vision-based quality assurance, medical imaging, and other graphically-dependent tasks.