Industrial Edge Computers for AI

Featuring the latest generation processors, accelerators (GPUs), and I/O features, AI computers from OnLogic enable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications at the edge.

Industrial Edge Computers for AI

Featuring the latest generation processors, accelerators (GPUs), and I/O features, AI computers from OnLogic enable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications at the edge.

Reliable hardware for deploying AI solutions

For deployment of applications leveraging AI inference models, reliable systems with plentiful I/O are needed to effectively connect systems and analyze data. Our AI capable hardware, combined with the latest software and frameworks from Intel, AMD and Nvidia, are ideally suited for inference deployment to help you leverage the power of AI in even the most challenging environments.
Hardware Solutions

Our most popular AI edge computers

Karbon 804Karbon 804
Karbon 804
The Karbon 804 can power your on-premise and in situ AI model building and inference training. With dual ModBay and 1x dual slot PCIe Gen 4 x16, or 2x Single Slot PCIe Gen 4 x8, the Karbon 804 can be configured to your specific AI project requirements.
Helix 511Helix 511
Helix 511
The Helix 511 is ideal for AI inferencing at the edge. A wide range of industrial I/O, including options for up to 4x RS232/422/485 serial ports, are packed into a low profile fanless system built to thrive in challenging environments.

OnLogic edge hardware for AI training & Inferencing 

Customer Stories

See OnLogic AI solutions in action

Plus One RoboticsPlus One Robotics
Pick and Place Robotics
Plus One Robotics uses OnLogic hardware to run their vision software for robots in warehouses and distribution centers. They give robots the hand-eye coordination to pick and place objects using 3D and AI-powered perception which can help users improve safety, throughput, and product quality.
Prescriptive DataPrescriptive Data
Building Automation
Prescriptive Data takes real time data from a variety of sources inside buildings equipped with their technology and combines it with historical information. AI and machine learning are then used to identify trends and make recommendations to optimize future building operations, which can help reduce energy use and improve profitability.
SAT TechnologiesSAT Technologies
Intelligent Warehousing
SAT Technologies creates technology solutions for safe, stable and efficient pallet stacking, as well as warehouse automated guided (AGV) vehicle coordination. AI inferences are deployed on their Stack Assist Tool to help operators effectively manage and palletize goods safely and quickly.
Supporting Technologies

Solutions for each element of AI

Machine Vision

A machine vision computer provides the power and performance you need for your embedded vision applications. Designed for even the toughest environments, our rugged Machine Vision systems can help prevent damage caused by dirt, dust, extreme temperatures and even fluctuations in power delivery.

Deep Learning

Deep learning computers provide high-powered processing and graphics performance for today's complex machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence applications. Our deep learning systems deliver the reliability that OnLogic is known for - even in extreme environments.

GPUs & Accelerators

For machine vision, machine learning, and AI applications requiring additional horsepower, a dedicated graphics card can be leveraged for co-processing. Our selection GPUs and accelerator cards, are available in a range of industrial fanless, actively cooled, and removable cassette configurations.
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