In-Vehicle Computers

Ideal for use in automotive environments, and a wide range of in-vehicle and intermodal transportation applications, OnLogic in-vehicle computers are used in a variety of railway, automotive, marine, and emergency vehicle installations due to their vibration resistance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

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Vibration Proof Computers from OnLogic

Vibration Proof

Modern industrial computers feature vibration resistant components and connections to minimize failure points and ensure reliable operation.

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Rugged Computers from OnLogic

Rugged Computers

Rugged PCs are most often designed to resist extreme temperatures, shock & vibration and exposure to dust or wet conditions.

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In-Vehicle Computer

In-Vehicle Computers

PCs used within vehicles must meet a very specific set of standards to ensure reliability in the often challenging environments of mobile installations. Computers for transportation applications will almost always include features to deal with vibration, wide temperature and automotive power.

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