MC500 Compact Mini-ITX Case (Orange and Silver)

As eye-catching as it is functional, the MC500 in orange and silver stands out from the ranks of indistinguishable IPC cases, not just based on its looks, but due to its versatility, durability, and ease of customization.
  • Modular faceplates
  • Easy to customize and rebrand
  • Accommodates two 50 mm fans
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In Stock

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MC500 Industrial Versatile Mini-ITX Case


  • Optimized cross-case ventilation and low noise
  • Highly customizable chassis gives the option for a white label solution
  • Compatible with nearly every Mini-ITX motherboard
  • Long Lifecycle with Revision Control
  • Fits up to Four 2.5” HDDs with the use of a double HDD bracket
  • Smart power button with auto power-on setting
  • Rugged plated-steel industrial design with scratch resistant coating.


The MC500G captures the best elements of small form factor computing and integrates them in a clean-looking design that conceals incredible versatility. From near-universal compatibility with Mini-ITX motherboards, to multiple mounting points for quiet 50 mm fans and 2.5" storage drives and multiple DC jack or antenna punchouts, the MC500G is designed to serve a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Engineered to ensure the reliability of whichever system it contains, the MC500G protects against unwanted EMI through innovative chassis design, as well as ensuring system reliability through cross-case ventilation that's as quiet as it is efficient.

MC500 Mini-ITX Case with flexible cooling options
Custom industrial mini-itx computer case and custom branding


Although the orange and silver paint job already stands out from the crowd, the MC500G is easy to make your own, from small-run screen printing of company logos, to customized front plates to accommodate additional I/O or even multifunction LCD displays and even custom packaging. Equally suited as a desktop replacement, commercial workstation, or embedded controller, the MC500G provides the ideal foundation for virtually any industrial PC build. Also available in black (MC500), call us to design yours today.



Technical Specs
More Information
Manufacturer Launch Date Q2'12
Case Type Compact
Case Material Steel
Dimensions (WxHxD) 192.6 x 59.3 x 198.1 mm
7.6" x 2.35" x 7.8"
Front I/O 2x USB ports
Power Button
LCD Display (optional with AKLCD-MC500)
Port Punchouts 2 Antenna Holes
Mounting Options DIN-mount
Included Accessories Screws
Adhesive foot pads

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