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OnLogic Testimonial: Heartland Water Technology

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While we were at the Ignition Community Conference last fall, we ran into Ben Laurent, a Process Engineer from Heartland Water Technology. Heartland provides proprietary wastewater treatment technology and services for oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) operations, landfill leachate control, electric power generation, and other industrial applications. Ben let us know that he’s been using OnLogic hardware for years. We asked if he would be willing to share a bit about why, and here’s what he passed along.

We switched to OnLogic back in 2016, when our previous supplier was having performance & supply chain issues. What I liked, and continue to like, about OnLogic is:

  • Incredible product selection of industrial PCs – I felt other suppliers were often working with chips and components that were slightly behind the times, but OnLogic seems to be at the forefront of computing capability and configuration flexibility.
  • Very intuitive website user interface for self-service – I don’t need to solicit quotes or talk to anyone to quickly hone in on, or compare, configurations.
  • Incredible tech support and sales support – While the OnLogic PCs have been incredibly robust and reliable, we’ve occasionally had minor issues that OnLogic has stood behind and supported – and even the post-warranty support is nice. Quick response to emails, no long phone queues, and friendly support staff who treat you like a customer not a data point.
  • The wow factor of the product, including mounting options – The orange color and sleek design makes OnLogic stand out in our cabinets.
  • Product performance – We’ve replaced traditional desktop servers with DIN-mounted OnLogic PCs running tough applications with no ill effect.
  • Ability for users to relate to the product – You don’t need any technical qualifications to work with these products. At the core, the features and ports are ones most people who have a TV or PC at home can relate to. Supporting and configuring them is easy.
  • Ability to configure special features without special ordering – RAID configuration, special ports, dust blockers, mounting options – all of these things are configurable directly on the OnLogic website.

I think we have a couple dozen OnLogic systems now deployed in the field, and continue to buy (either directly or through our integrator) at a rate of about a dozen a year. We love them!

Thank you to Ben and everyone else we had the pleasure of speaking with at ICCX. We’re already looking forward to next year! To learn more about our industrial computer solutions that come pre-loaded with Ignition Edge from Inductive Automation, check out our Ignition Edge Gateways and contact us with any questions today.

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