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AMD embedded mini PCs

What is AMD embedded, and why now?

AMD Embedded is the newest offering in the industrial space. But what is AMD Embedded and why should you use it? Read on to find out. AMD Embedded isn’t your typical consumer CPU hardware. While AMD Embedded processors have similarities to their consumer counterparts, AMD Embedded focuses on commercial and industrial deployments. That means, among […]

range of edge servers stacked

What are edge servers and how are they used?

In this I/O Hub video, Product Manager Tasha Dickinson answers the question, ‘what are edge servers?’, and goes into detail on how edge servers are solving today’s most challenging hardware problems. A transcript of the video can also be found below. Edge servers refer to computers that reside at the “edge” of a given network. […]

industrial and rugged edge computers

The differences between edge computers

Searching for edge computers can be hard. This guide on the differences between edge PCs will help you find the right solution, fast. What’s the difference between edge computers? The previous post in our How to Find an Edge Computer series broke down edge computers into three simple categories: fan-cooled, fanless, and rugged. In this […]

OnLogic edge computers

How to find the right edge computer

Choosing the right edge computer can be hard. This guide on how to find an edge computer will help you find the right solution, fast. All edge computers are not the same Finding the right edge computer is not always easy. Every application has unique requirements. This requires thoughtful planning, especially large scale deployments. With […]

Talking reliable IoT solutions on the Inductive Conversations podcast

Our friends at Inductive Automation were kind enough to invite us to be guests on their popular Inductive Conversations Podcast. The show was created to allow operators, engineers, integrators, managers and CEOs to share manufacturing pain points, creative ideas, inspiring success stories and “light bulb moments”. The two interviews in the episode, one featuring Account […]

Our own Johnny Chen is the first guest on’s new podcast

OnLogic Solutions Architect, Johnny Chen, is the first guest on’s new podcast: IoT Dev Chat. Created for developers and engineers, the podcast will focus on a variety of IoT-related topics, including hardware design, coding, AI, and many more. The first episode is called “Secrets of Rugged AI”, and covers machine learning/AI and how to […]

Logic Supply is now OnLogic

Logic Supply Is Now OnLogic!

Build It OnLogic – A Note About Our Evolution When Logic Supply began back in 2003, our goal was to provide builders, makers and doers the technology ingredients they needed to create next generation computing solutions. In the beginning we were selling mostly motherboards and components, quite literally “supplying the logic” for our customers’ projects. […]

I/O Hub Vlogcast: What Are Edge Servers?

In our first episode of the I/O Hub vlogcast, Product Manager Tasha Dickinson answers the question, “what are edge servers?” and shares how these types of computers are being used farther out on the edge. What are edge servers? A brief history of servers Moving computation closer to the edge Edge server form factors Edge […]

intelligent NVR with Gorilla

Powering Innovation: Intelligent NVRs with Gorilla

The Next Generation of Intelligent NVRs Intelligent NVRs are the technological evolution of network video recorders, offering real-time object detection and artificial intelligence, enabling actionable insights and solutions to real-world business challenges. Traditionally, NVRs simply record and play back events that have already transpired, requiring additional steps and manual intervention to review, process and act […]