• a photo of a PicoPSU unit

What is a picoPSU?

As the name would suggest, a picoPSU is an ultra small DC-DC power supply designed for use with embedded PCs and small form factor motherboards such as nano-ITX or mini-ITX boards. Plugging directly into the [read more]

  • Defining what is IP65

What Does IP65 Mean?

You’ve been tasked to find the best IP65 rated Panel PC. Your first question might be - what does IP65 mean?  The International electrical Commission (IEC) defines the IP Coden or Ingress Protection Coden as [read more]

What is an Embedded Computer?

A question we get asked a lot is: “what is an embedded computer?”. An embedded computer functions as part of a larger device or system, rather than being used as a standalone computer. Typically, an [read more]