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How IP-Based Video Surveillance Is Helping Safeguard People, Places and Things

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Monitoring critical locations and infrastructure in an ever-connected world presents its own unique set of challenges. The growing ubiquity of video surveillance installations requires specialized technology to effectively monitor and manage the sheer volume of data being streamed from an increasingly wide array of remote, and otherwise environmentally challenging locations. The team at LENSEC has created a suite of IP-based video surveillance software that is making it easier than ever to effectively protect client property. We spoke with LENSEC about how they’ve paired rugged security hardware from OnLogic with their Perspective VMS® to create their innovative remote monitoring solution.

Can you tell us a bit about LENSEC?

For over 20 years, LENSEC has been a pioneer for IP-based video surveillance management. We started with an idea to stream network video with the very first IP network cameras on the market. Today, LENSEC continues to provide ground-breaking solutions with our HTML5-based video management software.

LENSEC-Logo-20th-Logo-Combo-LtBgAs a pioneer in browser-based video management, LENSEC has been able to lead the physical security industry in the transition from analog-based cameras to devices communicating over an IP or network architecture. Throughout our history, LENSEC has worked with municipalities, schools, hospitals, commercial properties, government agencies, and critical infrastructure facilities by installing and monitoring tens of thousands of cameras across the US and around the world.

Our expert staff has years of physical security experience developing advanced software systems and custom integration services. LENSEC continues its pioneer status, striving to provide software that is easy for customers to use.

Once again, LENSEC has taken the lead in the security industry as a pioneer of the smart-client video management platform, Perspective VMS, the first HTML5-based video management software for IP security video.

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Building on LENSEC’s mission to deliver innovation with web-based tools, Perspective VMS is a smart client video surveillance software used by security teams in enterprise-level environments. With our unified security platform, first responders can react and respond to security events. Perspective VMS is designed for physical security surveillance systems that are scalable for small operations or large organizations. PVMS is intended for an unlimited number of security devices and cameras. Our products enable real-time situational awareness for customers.

What makes Perspective VMS so special?

PVMS-Live-Camera-Viewer-FeaturesPerspective VMS is browser-based. This is helpful for a lot of reasons. The thin-client application means that software updates and configuration changes may be pushed out to the client workstation remotely. Personnel is not tied up visiting numerous workstations to update thick-client software. The configuration can occur in one location, simplifying the job for the administrator.

The software runs on limited resources, if required. It is certainly scalable for large projects, but certain projects call for a streamlined deployment. LENSEC’s physical security experts have developed a remote monitoring solution using CCTV cameras and equipment. The solution needed to be able to run on solar power, withstand harsh conditions, and use a small amount of physical space. The end-user wanted to be able to receive notifications of activity at the site and pull up a live or recorded video stream to verify activity and respond appropriately.

Can you tell us a bit about how OnLogic hardware fits in?

LENSEC 4G Surveillance EnclosureLENSEC developed a solution that uses security cameras, OnLogic ruggedized servers, and gate access control devices. There are no buildings or power at the rural locations. This solar solution powers all equipment and charges the battery. So, power draw is of primary importance. The OnLogic rugged mini-pc fits the solutions well for specifications and size.

OnLogic’s rugged PC with Extrovert 4G capability allowed our engineers to create a low-power solution with cellular connectivity. This enables the user to access the rugged PC and check remote sites without designating personnel to make a site visit. This increases efficiency in manpower for the user and keeps a remote site under monitoring 24/7.

What are the potential use cases for IP-Based Video Surveillance ?

LENSEC 4G SurveillanceWe have use-cases for many different industries. To start with, LENSEC works with commercial properties, critical infrastructure, government organizations, healthcare facilities, higher education, K-12 school campuses, oil & gas industry, and transportation.

Notably, our rugged, remote solution using solar energy and batteries to provide power to equipment is a unique solution that we were able to accomplish with OnLogic’’s hardened PCs. This rugged computer is purpose-built in a small enclosure, keeping equipment space to a minimum. The LTE cellular connection is versatile, using different service providers. This is good for remote areas where cellular coverage is spotty. Also, since power draw on batteries needs maximum efficiency, a low power draw for equipment is a key factor for remote sites with limited or no infrastructure.

What are the tangible benefits to users of this solution?

There are many studies showing that video surveillance and overall security improvements help the bottom line. These range from protection of assets to life safety. Some users want to keep an eye on their personnel so they can improve efficiency and customer service.

Education administrators have a vested interest and a responsibility to provide security measures for students and staff. Whether management is monitoring fights in the hallways or preventing emergencies on school property, having appropriate security measures in place can really prevent serious situations.

Why did you choose OnLogic hardware for this project?

OnLogic has a great product that fits our needs in certain scenarios. We consider our software company to be hardware agnostic. The security integrators that partner with us often use their own choice for hardware, whether that be cameras or servers. We support their needs and work to fit their hardware solutions. However, our partners and their customers often turn to us and ask what hardware we might recommend for certain projects.

OnLogic has proven to be a reliable partner in providing a rugged system with low-power and reliable LTE connectivity. The advancements made in server quality with these capabilities has allowed LENSEC to put together a terrific solution that is ahead of most of the industry.

Contact our technical sales team to learn more about how OnLogic can help with you security application.

Note: This article was originally published on April 19, 2018. It was updated for content on June 1, 2020.



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