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Get to Know the CL210 Security Gateway, A Full-Featured Small Form Factor Edge Device

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OnLogic’s CL210 security gateway is a compact, low cost and fanless edge computer built for reliability. The system includes a wide array of features that are critical for deploying dependable, long-lasting access control and monitoring solutions. The CL210 may be small but its compute capability, packs a punch for its size. The CL210 adds valuable computing power at the edge for security applications like network monitoring, access control, surveillance and biometrics. Here are just a few of the features that make the CL210 well-suited for security applications.

Reliable Security Gateway

Security and surveillance solutions are by nature mission critical. Not only do failures result in expensive downtime, but they can also put individuals or infrastructure at risk. To give our customers the most reliable solution possible, we designed the CL210 around several key features that extend lifespan and durability while lowering the total cost of ownership. First and foremost, the CL210 has a completely solid-state, all metal housing with no moving parts. In addition to the benefit of silent operation, this eliminates two of the most common failure points: the fan and the hard drive. Not only is the CL210 fanless, it is also ventless. The lack of airflow vents protects the system from exposure to the dust and other particulate matter that is common in many of today’s most challenging security environments.

Every surface of the CL210 is designed to dissipate heat while offering maximum EMC immunity to RF and ESD events. The device’s exacting tolerances enhance ingress protection, greatly reducing the ill effects of dust-transported corrosive substances over time.
~Rodney Hill, Lead Product Engineer, OnLogic


The CL210 is equipped with a range of connectivity options to enable easy interfacing with peripherals, other hardware and local or cloud-based networks. In addition to wireless network connectivity, an optional 4G upgrade allows for integrated cellular connection to the cloud from almost any location. Additionally, the system boasts dual LAN ports. As a result, you can connect  to multiple networks without the need for an additional gateway or modem.

Ultra-Small Form Factor

One of the biggest challenges in deploying security solutions is finding an embedded PC that will fit within the limited space available for hardware. With that in mind, OnLogic developed the CL210 with a sub-2” profile to fit within the tightest space requirements for security, access control, building automation and other embedded integration. Furthermore, the system weighs less than a pound. That means you can install it wherever it’s needed.

Multiple Camera & Smart Device Support

The CL210’s versatile I/O coastline enables connectivity to a number of smart devices or cameras. The system can connect to 2 devices by USB and 2 through LAN ports, offering support for up to 4 cameras depending on configuration & connectivity.

Secure Platform Through Intel PTT

The CL210 includes Intel’s Platform Trust Technology (PTT), a firmware-based implementation of Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware security. PTT allows organizations to establish the same, rigorous levels of security in its compact, fanless systems and devices as it does for desktop PCs, workstations and servers. PTT-enabled industrial PCs radically shrink the attack surface for systems that often sit unattended in remote or public spaces.

Affordable Security Gateway

The CL210 is priced to provide great value for surveillance & security applications without losing the features you need. Ready to learn what the CL210 can do for your security application? OnLogic offers TryLogic, our no-risk prototyping program. Visit the TryLogic page and order your prototype CL210 system today!

In summary, if you are looking for a highly dependable security gateway, take a close look at the CL210 from OnLogic. If you’re building a security project, build it with Logic!

CL210 Security Gateway CTA

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