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Panel PCs

Modular Industrial All-in-One Touchscreen Computers

Panel PC

Panel PCs

Modular Industrial All-in-One Touchscreen Computers.


Our Panel PCs combine advanced computing power with a range of hardened displays to provide a modular solution that enables easy customization and simplified upgrading while reducing maintenance costs. Our Cincoze line of IP65 panels with Rugged plug and play attachable PCs make for an extremely economical solution. They allow you to choose the screen size and type for your needs. The selection of Mitac All-in-One Panel PCs are available in various screen sizes and have a compact, fully integrated enclosure. Industrial touchscreen displays from OnLogic provide a rugged all-in-one solution for human/machine interface (HMI), inventory management, point of use, kiosk or industrial control applications.

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Advantages of OnLogic Panel PCs

     Highly Reliable




    Industrial panel PCs from OnLogic are engineered to last in challenging environments that would destroy traditional hardware.

    Easy to Connect




    Combine the system module that meets your performance and connectivity needs with the screen type and size of your choice.





    OnLogic panel PCs let you choose the storage, memory, processing power and expansion options to suit your project. This allows you to only buy what you really need.


Applications for Panel PCs




Panel PCs have long been a staple of manufacturing human/machine interface (HMI) because they provide convenient and intuitive access to machine controls and provide the reliability necessary in challenging production environments.




From tracking stock to picking products, panel PCs are ideal for saving valuable space while offering timely information at your fingertips. Automated warehousing solutions frequently utilize all-in-one panel PCs to offer HMI control for robots, machinery and vehicles.




Panel PCs are increasingly being used to offer status and interface control in autonomous vehicles, provide control or data on forklifts and cranes, and to display passenger information or entertainment in taxis, busses, trains and planes.




Because they combine computing and interface, panel PCs are a perfect fit for kiosk applications that need to deliver immersive and intuitive wayfinding, point of sale or digital entertainment experiences, both indoors and out.


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