Robotics Computers by OnLogic

A Robotics Computer by OnLogic offers the computing capabilities and I/O needed to provide reliable robotic automation and control.

Robotics Computers by OnLogic

A Robotics Computer by OnLogic offers the computing capabilities and I/O needed to provide reliable robotic automation and control.

Control Intelligent Machines with a Robotics Computer by OnLogic

A robotics computer by OnLogic delivers the computing performance, diverse I/O and reliability required to power a variety of robotic applications for automation and control. We offer completely solid state and durable solutions for onboard robotic control that can be mounted directly on or within the robotic system. We can also be the platform for your offboard solution with server grade processing and GPU capabilities to support machine vision, artificial intelligence (AI) and modern robotics software.
Hardware Solutions

Our Most Popular Robotics Computers

Karbon 700 Expanded High-Performance ComputerKarbon 700 Expanded High-Performance Computer
Karbon 700 Expanded High-Performance Computer
The Karbon 700 Expanded offers powerful server grade CPU options, GPU expandability, and customizable I/O via ModBay in a smaller form factor than a traditional server.
Karbon 300 Rugged ComputerKarbon 300 Rugged Computer
Karbon 300 Rugged Computer
Rugged and compact computer with extensive I/O, the Karbon 300 is shock and vibration tested to MIL-STD-810 to allow for onboard robotics applications.
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Pre-imaged IoT Gateways

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When paired with leading software providers, IoT Gateways provide a bridge between your IoT devices and the cloud. On-site data processing allowed you to capture insights in real-time while sharing lean data with the cloud.
On-site data filtering and storage allows you to reduce data transfer costs. IoT Gateways let you determine how and when you share your data with the cloud for further analysis.
Features & Capabilities

Program Advanced Robotic Capabilities 

OnLogic hardware enables constant connection of your robot to a variety of components, networks and advanced sensors. Our industrial and rugged hardware solutions offer powerful processing and advanced I/O in-order to provide real time processing and control. Available USB, COM, CAN bus, PoE, DisplayPorts and more provide connection options for both modern and legacy components.
Advances in technology are enabling robotic solutions to perform business critical tasks. Performing dangerous tasks where human safety is a concern is the most obvious advantage of utilizing robotics. For example, robotic solutions can be placed near heavy machinery posing a risk to a human operator due to excessive heat or moving parts. They can also be placed in dangerous environments such as near radiation, hazardous chemicals or even in outer space.
Robots are often programmed in many modern factories to perform repetitive motion or tasks that require a high attention to detail. For example, our customer Liberty Reach creates robotic guidance machine-vision systems. These devices, paired with robot arms and other equipment, help manufacturers create intelligent assembly lines for smart factories. Their completely autonomous systems optimize robotic actions and processes to save time and money. At the same time, they protect employees from the more dangerous aspects of large scale manufacturing.
When downtime can cost a manufacturer upwards of $45,000 a minute, reliability of robotic control systems is of paramount importance. Rugged and industrial computers from OnLogic provide the reliability, connectivity, and installation flexibility necessary to keep an assembly line running smoothly.

"Our clients’ work involves the tightest manufacturing tolerances with no room for variance or downtime, which is why we've partnered with OnLogic for our robot guidance machine-vision systems. OnLogic helped us find a custom solution that accommodates the PoE, graphics, and power input requirements our customers demand, all in a small and rugged form factor that stands up to harsh industrial environments."
- Brandon Schmalzel, Engineering Manager, Liberty Reach Inc.

Depend on our Solutions that are Designed To Last

Rugged robotics computers from OnLogic provide dependable operation even when subjected to shock, vibration, and a wide range of temperatures. Solid state components and fanless thermal management integrated into the chassis provide durability. Wide DC power input allows autonomous robots to be powered by onboard battery systems.
Our line of PCs are built upon a modular architecture allowing for quick and easy customization. This flexibility allows you to get exactly what you need while managing costs and allowing for expansion as your requirements evolve in the future. Fanless design and solid state storage options in our line of automation PCs remove the traditional points of failure for most computer hardware, offering substantially maintenance-free 24/7 operation in environments where dust, vibration and fluctuating temperatures typically wreak havoc. On top of all of these benefits, we offer long-lifecycle hardware, allowing you to standardize on a solution for years to come.
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