In college I worked at a bike shop and though I was hired as a sales person, I wanted more than anything to build bikes. I loved putting things together with my hands. At one point I remember taking apart my own bike just to put it back together to prove I could do it. Unfortunately, this only proved that I was a better salesperson than a bike mechanic. After much frustration, I had to bring my bike into the shop and let the “professionals” put it back together.

Today I have a desk job (which is probably for the better) at a company that builds and sells embedded computers. With an assembly department right downstairs, I get to see first hand how we build and test our industrial and embedded computers.

Though building a computer may seem like a breeze, a lot goes into the process and one should have extensive technical knowledge to take on the task. Our systems are small and specialized so when you select the assembly and validate option, it allows us to focus on building the system so you don’t have to.

Follow Chris Hovious, our Assembly Team Manager at Logic Supply, as he walks through how to build the SolidLogic Core i5/i7 Rackmount System.

Our assembly and validation process includes a thorough validation process that fully evaluates hardware compatibility and guarantees a functioning unit upon delivery. Each product that is selected for assembly and validation undergoes a rigorous testing process with our proprietary testing software and experienced team of computer technicians. Some of the things we test include the following:

  • I/O ports – I/O ports – LAN, USB (front and back), PS2, DVI and/or VGA ports
  • If the mainboard has DVI only, we use a DVI-to-VGA adapter to test the signal.
  • CD-ROM and HDD functions – HDD is recognized and tested and receives a full surface S.M.A.R.T. scan
  • Memory controller
  • Thermal testing to ensure all components perform at maximum operating temperatures
  • Audio drivers are installed and tested (if OS is installed)
  • Mainboard BIOS to make sure it is the latest version

As you can see, quite a bit goes into our build and test process. As with the case in taking apart and putting together my bike, sometimes we’re just better off leaving it with the professionals.