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OnLogic Live: IoT Orchestration with EdgeIQ and AWS – a Recap

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On November 19, 2020 we hosted a live event: OnLogic Live: IQ at the Edge with AWS. For this event, we invited OnLogic partners from EdgeIQ and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to give an overview of our IoT orchestration solution, with EdgeIQ powered in the cloud by AWS and powered at the edge by OnLogic hardware. If you missed the live event, you can read the recap or watch the episode on demand here! 

Meet the Presenters

Patrick Metzger is part of OnLogic’s partnership team to make sure businesses understand the features and benefits of our systems when combined with those from our solution partners. 

Scott Cranton runs customer success at EdgeIQ helping businesses evaluate solution options and getting them into production quickly and safely. 

Joseph Zaloker is the Principal IoT Segment Lead for the Americas where he works with AWS partners like EdgeIQ and OnLogic who leverage AWS IoT services to help businesses solve their complex digital transformation problems.

Photo of presenters

EdgeIQ Overview

EdgeIQ provides software that enables and accelerates the digital transformation of connected product companies and their partners that sell, deploy, support and use them. EdgeIQ provides software as a service capabilities like device lifecycle management, service and data orchestration, device health monitoring, remote configuration, and much more. All to help businesses solve more problems for their customers.

EdgeIQ, Amazon Web Services, and OnLogic have partnered to create a seamless solution out of the box. and we have several customers where our joint solution is deployed today.

Example of IoT Orchestration in Action: Healthcare 

One example of a customer using our combined solutions is a healthcare technology solution provider that has created a relevant solution for today’s clinical environment. They have audio-visual devices deployed within hospital and care facilities that are used to connect patients with care providers to minimize contact. They wanted to bring that solution to the cloud to allow even more capabilities including external family member “video calling” and new machine learning (ML) capabilities to enhance patient monitoring. 

Diagram of IoT Orchestration with EdgeIQ, AWS and OnLogic

This leading healthcare solution provider worked with all three of us to bring that patient care solution from a purely on-premise solution to the cloud to gain extra capabilities and access. To do this, they added OnLogic’s rugged compute gateways at the edge to enable secure connectivity to on-premise devices. They needed cloud capabilities like data storage and ML processing deployed at the edge and the cloud, and global application availability for family access everywhere – AWS does a spectacular job here. They needed EdgeIQ to provide a secure, scalable way to remotely manage all of these devices, and dynamically orchestrate data flow and service integration to provide a comprehensive solution.

We can all relate these days to the need for safe remote interactions with loved ones in care facilities, and enhancing the safety of patients, and caregivers, while better managing time and costs. Specifically, providing higher quality care to more patients while reducing time and costs associated with staff “suiting up” in PPE to check in with patients. It’s a great solution, and we’re all honored to be helping them to deploy more broadly.

OnLogic Hardware is an Ideal Fit

This customer application called for a computer with a compact size, WiFi expansion capabilities and a fanless design to minimize moving parts and protect internal components from environmental factors. By removing the fan, a key point of failure is eliminated, offering outstanding reliability. It also reduces noise for the comfort of the patient and limits the unnecessary movement of air. Think of it like the equivalent of your computer wearing a mask while it goes about its daily duties, just like all of us these days.

This healthcare project was indoors, housed in climate controlled medical facilities, but we are often asked to deploy our solutions in less ideal environments.

Better together – AWS, EdgeIQ and OnLogic

With our combined solution, both brownfield and greenfield customers can manage their fleets of devices, monitor them remotely, provide a zero touch setup and orchestration along with a full lifecycle management offering for those devices. 

AWS IoT offers a set of managed services and software for organizations to easily create IoT solutions that increase operational efficiency and create net-new revenue streams. With AWS IoT, you can securely connect and manage millions of devices and gather device data. You can also perform sophisticated analytics, such as machine learning. AWS IoT gives you the flexibility to collect data and compute in the cloud, or wherever data is generated, in order to deploy smarter, faster responding, and more cost effective IoT applications.

Example of IoT Orchestration in Action: Telecommunications

Another joint customer is a telecommunications distributor that services remote cell towers. This customer was looking to expand their business by offering a new Monitoring SaaS offering. They loved our features of zero touch provisioning and the ability to monitor connected devices. 

The solution mitigated truck rolls which is a great example of tangible cost reduction that connected product providers can immediately realize. A truck roll is the act of sending a person out to a remote location to diagnose and correct problems. This can be one of the most costly aspects of managing a remote solution. It can cost upwards of $100-$300 per incident. And not only is it costly, but you have customer satisfaction issues if there are time delays in getting a field technician on site. There is also a concern that they may not have everything they need on hand to correct the problem without requiring a second costly visit.

This telecommunications provider is leveraging EdgeIQ to remotely monitor all cell tower equipment so they can reduce costly field visits. And when they do go on-site, they can not only have all the right parts the first time, they can also proactively replace other equipment that is trending towards failure – greatly reducing costs while enhancing their end customer’s uptime and customer satisfaction. 

Field technicians just plug in OnLogic rugged edge gateways and EdgeIQ automatically downloads and provisions all configured software for that specific device. And AWS is providing highly available services like AI/ML  and data storage services which allows this customer to provide enhanced capabilities.

Diagram showing how we save time and money with pre-provisioning of software

Even before truck rolls are a part of the equation, OnLogic is able to save this business hundreds of dollars per system at the initial install phase through the plug and play dynamic through zero touch provisioning. By shipping our edge devices in escrow, the middle state that allows these machines to be located and imported into the customer’s EdgeIQ account portal, we can ship them to the end-install location, rather than to the location of the IT or OT teams. The customer doesn’t have to warehouse these systems while the machines are provisioned and re-ship them to the install location.

OnLogic systems also provide cellular connectivity options for flexibility to meet their needs today as well as into the future. Our rugged solutions offer reliability in a wide range of temperatures, tolerances to shock and vibration, variations in input power, and other non-ideal conditions.

AWS for Simple and Secure Connectivity

AWS provides a simple and secure connectivity to the AWS cloud. Making sure that device has the right credentials. Additionally, edge compute and machine learning is enabled via AWS IoT Greengrass, which allows customers to analyze and act on the data both at the edge and the cloud depending on the particular use case. In both customer examples new business insights are derived for each use case which not only improves operational efficiency but also offers an enriched customer experience. 

Edge Device deployment for IoT Orchestration

EdgeIQ complements AWS IoT Greengrass

EdgeIQ makes it even easier to provision AWS IoT Greengrass services and security across many OnLogic edge computers/gateways. EdgeIQ provides extra ease of use to AWS IoT Greengrass’ powerful IoT middleware. And combined with OnLogic, this solution makes it easy for our joint customers to quickly and securely deploy hundreds of edge devices with zero touch provisioning, remote management, and that are cloud integrated. We also help with an API first approach allowing customers to control all aspects and not feel constrained. The whole notion of service orchestration helps customers make their services easy to manage.

Q & A

What resources are available to start my deployment?

At OnLogic, our solution experts are available to help you walk thru your project from design to deployment, with our Technical Support team available to continue providing support after the solution is deployed. 

Limited Time Offer to Jumpstart your IoT Orchestration!

To help you understand the full value edge computing can bring to your organization and create a best-in-class solution, OnLogic and AWS are offering for a limited time a complimentary jumpstart session, funding, and AWS credits for the first 1,000 devices connecting to AWS IoT Greengrass at no cost for the first six months. A great way to get started. On top of that, OnLogic will help you ideate, develop, and deploy a solution that demonstrates Proof of Value (POV) on AWS. Interested? Contact our solution experts today! 

I am an existing OnLogic customer, can I easily retrofit my deployed devices to take advantage of the device lifecycle management, service orchestration and edge compute to derive new business insights and to help me manage my growing fleet of devices?

Absolutely.  Our joint solution can enable any brownfield deployment to take advantage of these new services.

What is the future of IoT Solutions? 

Scott: We’ve already seen a wave of connected devices coming on to the market. I think new standards are coming into play and regulations are helping consumers feel more comfortable with privacy. I predict even more connected devices with higher level services that will make it even more exciting. 

Joe: I think we will get even better at managing devices at scale at the edge. I also think that we will see the promise of AI and ML be realized and made more accessible so that data can be used to drive business process efficiencies.

Watch the Episode

OnLogic Hardware is a Perfect Fit

OnLogic prides ourselves in building the ideal hardware solution for all of these conditions, to ensure your AWS Greengrass and EdgeIQ deployment works reliably out of the box and for years to come. Ready to learn more? Check out this blog post about using our joint solution for Connected Devices at the Edge.

All of our PCs are built to order and shipped in days. So if you need an internal 4G modem to stay connected or serial ports for your legacy devices, we’ve got you covered. If you’d like to learn how OnLogic can help you get your idea off the ground, explore EdgeIQ ready solutions and contact our technical sales team today.

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