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Unboxing the Connect Kit by OnLogic – Create a Connected Factory

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The Connect Kit is designed to help you create a connected factory. With it, you can begin the digital transformation of your facility in one hour. We’ve combined our durable and reliable hardware with powerful software and consultation from our trusted partners. Watch Hans unbox this complete kit.


At the heart of the Connect Kit is a rugged computer for reliable operation in even the most challenging environments. This AWS IoT Certified system comes pre-loaded with a trial version of Inductive Automation’s powerful Ignition software.

In the box you’ll also find:

  • Four adhesive non-slip feet
  • A terminal block connection kit for DIO, CAN BUS and power
  • A set of port blockers that can be used to fill any unused connections.

Included in the kit is a premium cable bundle. You can connect your existing equipment right out of the box and get up and running quickly. The included DIN-rail mounting bracket and power supply provide convenient installation options in a variety of locations.

We couldn’t pack one of the most valuable components of the kit into a box; the Connect Kit includes an hour of consultation with the digital transformation experts at Cirrus Link Solutions to guide you through your initial setup.

We’ve also designed The Connect Kit to scale with the modernization of your business, with long lifecycle hardware and advanced I/O to connect additional resources.

Are you ready to create a connected factory? Then we have the kit for you! Check out the Connect Kit on our website.

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