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ISS 2015 Day 3 – Jonathan Ballon, Oculus Rift and Industrial IoT

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On the third and final day of the 2015 North American Intel Solutions Summit, the focus shifted from the consumer applications of the Internet of Things to the ways the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is already changing the face of manufacturing and commercial computing. IIoT is something we’ve touched on before, and the evolution of M2M and HMI technologies were on full display in every corner of the exhibit hall in Dallas.

On day 3, Hans and Casey had the chance to get their hands, and eyes, on what the future might hold for both tomorrow’s consumers and manufacturers.

Intel Solutions Summit 2015 Maurits TichelmanThe final day of ISS 2015 began with a number of interesting keynote presentation. Intel VP of Sales & Marketing Maurits Tichelman, and Intel IoT GM Jonathan Ballon, both touched on how the quickly evolving Internet of Things is beginning to influence every aspect of day to day life, especially in the commercial space. Ballon shared his thoughts on the still untapped market potential of IIoT, likening it to the huge cultural shift and possibilities presented by the Industrial Revolution.

After meeting with a number of technology partners, Hans and Casey were able to hit the showcase floor to check out exhibits featuring upcoming and newly released hardware components, from advanced graphics cards to high-capacity SSDs. Many booths gave Hans and Casey the chance to chat with the R&D teams responsible for the next generation of components that will be featured prominently in upcoming Logic Supply hardware. It was a rare opportunity to discuss, in person, what innovations may be on the horizon for industrial PC users.

PlaySeat Driving Simulator ISS 2015The last day of the event also gave the Logic Supply team the opportunity to test out some of the week’s more popular exhibits, from the Oculus Rift, which is revolutionizing everything from architecture to education, to an advanced driving simulator that gave attendees the chance to face off against one another.

The afternoon breakout sessions saw Hans and Casey working with other attendees to develop an imaginary IoT business. The group fielded questions about how they’d implement their product and how it would be both beneficial to users and profitable for their fictional company. The session provided a number of insights into the way Intel views IoT, the environments in which it will be used and the opportunities it might create for businesses.

ISS 2015 concluded with a reception at the historic Dallas Union Terminal, offering one last chance for the Logic Supply team to chat with other attendees, including a large contingent from other North East companies, about the current state, and future of the tech industry.

As always, the Intel Solutions Summit brought together many of the brightest minds in the industry to share their experiences and insights about the current state of technology. ISS 2015 also offered a glimpse at the form tomorrow’s consumer and industrial computing systems might take. Hans and Casey will be returning to Logic Supply with a lot to think about as they develop our own next generation of products.

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