Keep Calm and Carry one ordering

Intel announced it was getting out of the “desktop” motherboard business (which includes Mini-ITX) in January.  (Pretty informative AnandTech article on the subject here) Ever since, our Sales Team has gotten questions about shortages, continued availability, and migration paths. We thought it would be helpful to put together a post that summarized our channel information and advice to customers.

Current Customers On Intel Mini-ITX: ‘Don’t Panic, But Be Prepared’

If you are on one of the following, you may you may already be seeing shortages and longer lead times:

  • Canoe Creek (D2500CCE)
  • Marshalltown (DN2800MT)
  • Mt. Washington (D525MWVE)
  • DH61AG
  • DQ77KB

One predictable response to Intel’s announcement was an increase in demand (without necessarily an increase in production volume) and hoarding. Through solid supply chain relations, Logic Supply has been able to secure needed quantities and should have stock of existing board versions through 2013.

Extended Life (“E”) versions of current models are already rolling off the manufacturing line. While usually a few dollars more, these mainboards retain the feature set, BIOS, and (usually) the certifications of the non-UL versions, allowing you to remain on the platform without redesign.

Happily, there are successor boards available, as well as “clones” from ASRock, Jetway and others. Get in touch with our Sales Team to learn more: Contact Us

In the short term, we recommend volume buys to secure your needs. In the near term, we recommend you begin to spec out a successor product — assuming that moving to an entirely new board is not advantageous.

New Project Customers: ‘Standardize on a Longer-Lived Alternative’

While we expect to be able to serve customers already on Intel Mini-ITX boards for the next several years, its never a good idea to standardize on a unit that — while not officially EOL — is in its sunset years.

Logic Supply lists boards from several vendors, principally Jetway and ASRock, with many other options that are not publicly listed. Contact our sales engineers at 802-861-2300 x1 to discuss migration paths or successor products.

Like the Canoe Creek? You might like the NF9D-2550 or IMB-147D

Like the Marshalltown? You might like the  DN2800MTA, NF9C-2600, or IC2M1026S

Other board migration options: