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Global Cellular for IoT: Introducing the UROS eSIM

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The Industrial Internet of Things relies on constant communication. Wi-Fi and bluetooth technologies tend to be the go-to solutions, but devices that use cellular connections are also frequently used to provide mobile, remote and backup data access. However, enabling global cellular for IoT has traditionally been a complex proposition.

If you’ve traveled internationally, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of trying to use data on the global cellular network. If you travel frequently, you may have a contract with your carrier that makes things more convenient. With a single cellular device, the cost and complexity is negligible. But for edge and IoT deployments that involve hundreds, or even thousands of devices, all with different SIM cards and IDs, you need a more scalable solution.

Cellular Connections for IoT

Data requirements for the Industrial IoT vary widely. Devices monitoring pressure sensors may only need to send a couple hundred kilobytes of information in the form of the occasional .CSV file. In other cases, advanced machine learning systems may need to stream high throughput video from the edge to the cloud. The point is, there is no one-size-fits-all data plan for IoT. With that in mind, the team at UROS developed UROS Connect.

Unlike your cellphone, UROS embedded eSIMs can be programmed to provide devices with connectivity as they move across borders and between carrier networks. UROS manages cellular connections with different regional carriers while providing a single dashboard for the management of data transmission and billing. The UROS Connect dashboard allows you to manage all of your devices in real time. Using the dashboard, you can set profiles for groups of devices and get usage data and predictions, among a wide range of other features.

The UROS SDK manages provider connections and will automatically select the carrier with the best connectivity, which means better cellular coverage when on the move. UROS has a pay as you go model with no contract. You’ll only pay for the data you use, with billing arrangements designed specifically for IoT applications.

eSIM technology from UROS provides OnLogic industrial computers with global cellular connectivity.

Getting Started with UROS

OnLogic has partnered with UROS to offer their eSIM technology on our cellular capable industrial hardware. Once you’ve selected the OnLogic computer that’s best for your application, setting it up to work with UROS is easy.

You’ll first create an account on the UROS Website or sign into your existing account. Then, to connect your UROS eSIM-equipped device to the cellular network, simply add a new product to your account and download the UROS software onto your system. There’s no need to fuss with Access Point Name (APN) settings or configuration. You can find full instructions for setting up UROS on Windows or Linux on our support site.

The takeaway here is that setting up cellular connections for IoT doesn’t have to be complicated. If your project or business needs to equip devices with cellular connectivity, OnLogic systems with UROS may be the solution. Explore our full line of cellular-capable computers, all of which can be configured with UROS eSIM technology. You can also learn more by visiting the UROS Connect website.


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