On the final day of ASIS 2015 the Logic Supply team had the chance to talk with many of the almost 600 other vendors and exhibitors showing off their products inside the Anaheim Convention Center. Trying to squeeze the most out of the week, everyone was eager to touch base before heading out of town, and we had a lot of great conversations with integrators and end users alike who are looking for a reliable NVR solution. The biggest trend for us on Day 3? Bus surveillance.

From commuter buses to school buses, we spoke with a host of transit professionals and system integrators interested in outfitting their fleet, or a client’s fleet, with a multi-camera NVR system. The hitch? Vibration resistance and variable power are key in these automotive applications and in short supply in the marketplace.

ASIS 2015 Milestone BoothIn my time at the Milestone Systems booth, showing off our new XProtect® Certified MX1000 rugged NVR, I had the chance to chat about the use of DIO (Digital Input/output), one of the unique features of our NVR lineup, for emergency communication as well as door opening and other actuation functionality.

ASIS 2015 has given us all a clear picture of where the security hardware industry is headed and that seems to be “on the road”. Transportation surveillance and security needs were a focus all weekend and it was a fantastic opportunity to connect with many of our partners, clients and future customers to help us inform the next additions to our security lineup.

If you attended ASIS we’d love to hear about some of the trends you saw. What were some of your favorite products on display? What are the features most appealing to you in a rugged NVR? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @LogicSupply.

See you next year!