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Researchers have recently identified a new derivative of the side-channel vulnerabilities discovered in January that potentially impact microprocessors used in some Logic Supply systems. This variant of the vulnerability is being referred to as Speculative Store Bypass, or Variant 4.

In a blog post today, Intel® said about this vulnerability, “Like the other GPZ variants, Variant 4 uses speculative execution, a feature common to most modern processor architectures, to potentially expose certain kinds of data through a side channel. In this case, the researchers demonstrated Variant 4 in a language-based runtime environment. While we are not aware of a successful browser exploit, the most common use of runtimes, like JavaScript, is in web browsers”.

Logic Supply takes the security of client data very seriously. We are working directly with Intel and our hardware vendors to determine and implement the necessary steps to ensure the continued security of our hardware and will provide any updates as they become available.

For more information please visit the links below.

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Variant 4 CTA Banner