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Acquiring Accurate Measurements in Manufacturing with Mate Gauge

Mate Gauge, located in Ontario, Canada specializes in highly accurate, non-contact, laser measurement solutions used in manufacturing facilities around the world. When they say “accurate”, they mean it! Their solutions are accurate within 1 micron - that’s 1/1000 of a millimeter. Companies that use Mate Gauge include demanding manufacturers of batteries, steel, building materials, wood products and more.

A photo of a panel PC next to a manufacturing station

Mate Gauge creates laser measurement solutions for manufacturing.

When accuracy matters

Accuracy is important in most manufacturing processes, but for some, it’s essential. For example, when manufacturing sealed lead batteries, such as those used in the automobile industry, one of the first steps is the production of lead strips. Since it's done early in the battery manufacturing process, defects that occur at this stage can compound issues down the line. Strips that are too thick can lead to excessive wear on tooling or even jam the line. Strips that are too thin might break and lead to scrap. Even a small percentage of scrap can have a huge impact when manufacturing at high volumes.

Problems with manual measurements

Accurate manual measurements require time, which has a cumulative impact on production efficiency. They also require an operator with a high level of skill. But even with this skill, measurement variations caused by human error or inconsistency can lead to wasted materials, increased down time, out-of-spec products and customer dissatisfaction.

Production line solution

Mate Gauge created an inline solution for fast, accurate and reliable laser measuring. The solution offers a touchscreen user interface to show data and charts of thickness changes over time. If the measurements fall out of specifications, the unit can alarm to notify the operator or it can interact directly with the PLCs to change equipment parameters.

A photo of a panel PC as part of a manufacturing line

The Mate Gauge solution delivers accurate measurements during manufacturing - a critical part of quality control.

“We needed a reliable and rugged touchscreen panel that could withstand an industrial environment. Heat and dust are just some of the environmental challenges we face. In addition, we are often tasked with integrating older legacy equipment that comes with some unique I/O requirements. Our needs have been met by the team at OnLogic. They have been a trusted and responsive vendor with a highly reliable touchscreen solution.”

- Trent Reeb, Principal Engineer, Mate Gauge
A photo a panel PC on a manufacturing line showing measurements over time

The Mate Gauge solution offers a touchscreen user interface to show data and charts of thickness changes over time.

OnLogic offers a variety of panel PC solutions including all-in-one options or modular options where you can choose the screen size and PC with the power and performance you need.

What’s next for Mate Gauge?

Mate Gauge’s product line will continue to grow to meet the needs of specialized manufacturers and they will continue to rely on OnLogic to make it possible.

“With each new customer, we have a new set of challenges to address. We appreciate OnLogic’s collaborative approach to working with us to deliver on our requirements.”

- Trent Reeb, Principal Engineer, Mate Gauge
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