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Safe and Efficient Pallet Dimensioning with GPC Systems

Accurate measurements of a pallet are vital for efficient and smart warehouse management. Errors can mean inefficient use of space, inaccurate estimation of freight costs, shipping penalties, and can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

A forklift loading a pallet for shipping after pallet dimensions are captured

Accurate measurements of a pallet are vital for efficient and smart warehouse management.

Dimensioning pallets manually takes time, is prone to errors and can raise safety concerns. Dismounting a forklift can be time consuming, hazardous to the driver, and safety restrictions limit their movement and ability to dismount their forklift.

GPC Systems took on these challenges for their latest solution. GPC Systems is an award winning software company with over 25 years of experience creating cutting edge 3D imaging and AI solutions to solve real world problems.

GPC Systems Freight Measure Solution

The goals for their freight dimensioning software solution was to provide accurate, fast and complete freight dimensions. In order to collect the 3D measurement data for their software solution, they needed to include cameras with stereo depth perception.

GPC Systems worked with Intel® to create software to use in unison with the RealSense™ Depth Cameras. The cameras are directly mounted to the mast of the forklift and the system can accurately calculate length, width and height dimensions, as well as volume. All can be done quickly without the driver dismounting or leaving the machine.

An Advanced Solution Requires an Advanced Computing Platform

When it came to a computer platform to support the cameras and software, GPC’s list of requirements was long. The system needed to be able to withstand a warehouse environment. That includes variable temperatures, as well as dust and other airborne particulates. In addition, like the cameras, the computer also needed to be mounted directly on a forklift for dimensioning on the move.

That meant that the ideal system needed to be small and completely solid state in order to withstand the vibrations and occasional jarring movements. And of course it needed to have industrial I/O connections, wireless connectivity and powerful processing capabilities.

The Karbon 410 checked all the boxes

GPC Systems, alongside their clients, selected the rugged and compact OnLogic Karbon 410 (K410). Built for the challenges of the IoT edge, the K410 combines innovative fanless cooling and flexible configuration options with advanced Intel Atom® x6000E processing.

“When working through our requirements and our client’s requirements, we needed a system that could withstand the impact forces and vibrations created when a forklift is loaded. And, since the computer needed to be mounted and integrated with the forklift, we needed CAN bus and programmable ignition sensing for custom power control. Finally, we were looking for a system with optional 4G connectivity and GPS functionality to ensure our future needs would be met. The Karbon 410 checked all our boxes. We were impressed with OnLogic’s responsiveness to our needs and we appreciated that we were able to customize the solution to get the processing power and features that were required. And it was delivered quickly - in a matter of weeks, not months.”

- Huw Morgan, CTO, GPC Systems

Working together with Intel® and OnLogic, GPC Systems created a solution that is efficient, accurate and fast. In fact, obtaining dimensions or “dims” can be completely automated so that it doesn’t have to be triggered by the forklift operator. That means that their attention can be totally focused on safe warehouse operations and materials transportation. Once the measurements are obtained, the pallet can move on to the next part of the supply chain, streamlining operations while ensuring safety.

“GPC's Freight Measure Software Solution utilizing both Intel® Realsense™ 3D technology and OnLogic's x6000-based PC platform, is a fantastic end-to-end solution for helping to provide easier cargo movement for logistical businesses. It is a great example of business process automation, helping to contribute to higher productivity, lower operational cost and raising the level of employee safety. This means an overall painless experience when it comes to transportation of goods for UK logistic companies.”

- Syamak Nazary, Intel Director for Transportation

What’s Next for GPC Systems

According to Acumen Research, the global warehouse automation market was around $20 billion in 2021 and is expected to rise to over $60 billion by 2030. GPC systems intends to continue innovating warehouse operations to help operations teams increase efficiencies and lower costs. Supported by OnLogic hardware, and Intel technology, GPC Systems' customers will continue to enjoy continuous improvement to the way they transport, store, and deliver products.

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