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Creating One of a Kind Video Souvenirs with GDO BV

How OnLogic is Helping to Power Viumi from GDO BV and Tapemyday

GDO BV, based in the Netherlands, has been creating industrial solutions for more than a century. Founded in 1899 as a tool builder for the mining industry, they've evolved into a special machine builder for industrial automation and vision applications. Their customers come from a variety of industries including automotive, medical and quality inspection. More recently they've been working on a number of solutions for the leisure industry.

Capturing Memories in a Unique Way

GDO recently worked with Tapemyday, to create their newest solution, Viumi. This portable system is delivered to tourist locations and is capable of creating a short video clip of guests. The clip starts with a close-up shot of guests then zooms out to reveal the panoramic scenery of the destination.

In this video, the GDO BV team takes a selfie to demonstrate the Viumi.

Viumi allows visitors of a scenic location to capture both themselves and the stunning backdrop. The result is a memorable and novel souvenir. In addition to enhancing the guest experience and providing a great revenue stream, it transforms visitors into social ambassadors. When the video is shared with friends and family on social media, it promotes the destination to potential future visitors.

The Challenge

The hardware requirements for Viumi were challenging. The entire solution needed to be compact, mobile and easy to install.

A computer cabinet in the shape of a house which holds the Viumi solutions. A camera is visible poking out one of the windows.

The Viumi solution fits inside of this compact and cute box.

To power Viumi, GDO looked for a hardware platform that was powerful enough for the required video capturing and processing, but compact enough to be installed in a small enclosure. In summary, the hardware platform had to meet the following requirements:

  • - Compact in size
  • - Powerful Intel core i7 processing
  • - 64 GB of memory
  • - Low power draw
  • - PCI capture card
  • - High temperature tolerant
  • - Ability to run 24/7
  • - Windows 10 OS

The OnLogic Solution: The Helix 600 Industrial Computer

GDO found the ideal platform with the Helix 600 by OnLogic. Gerard van Ravenswaaij, IT and Services Professional with GDO noted “The Helix 600 system met our specifications perfectly. In fact, after searching for a long time, it felt like the Helix 600 was designed specifically for our Viumi system. It was great to work with the team at OnLogic who were very helpful in selecting the right configuration and getting the systems delivered on time.”

The Helix 600 is the heart of Viumi which is connected to a 4k camera. In addition to video capture, the Helix 600 also does the video stitching and distribution.

A photo showing a cabinet interior that is housing an industrial computer and other electronic equipment.

The Helix 600 is quite literally the ideal fit for Viumi.

The Results

Viumi helps tourist attractions deliver an extraordinary souvenir of their guests' experiences. Currently installed at several attractions in Europe, Viumi is working with attraction parks, cities, event planners, cruise ships and more to enable the best digital postcard. GDO is excited about the future opportunities that the compact and powerful Helix 600 enables.

Of their experience with OnLogic, Gerard said “OnLogic is a supplier I really like to work with, mainly because of their awesome systems - which I couldn’t find anywhere else and also because of the people that work there. They were always available to answer questions and/or help finding the right solution and configuration.”

Looking for the right hardware platform for your creative solution? Our solutions team is ready to help you! Want to see how else our industrial computers are being used? Check out our other customer stories.

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