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Improving Warehouse Logistics Accuracy, Consistency and Speed with Artemis Vision

Introducing a Smart Logistics Solution - RaPTr by Artemis Vision

Smart Logistic solutions are designed to facilitate a smooth supply chain. They ensure products are delivered to the right destination at the right time in good condition. You can imagine how one mistake in a shipping process could have ripple effects down the supply chain. For example, what if the pallet gets loaded on the wrong truck? What if the person forgets to scan the pallet? What if a receiving warehouse claims that the pallet was damaged or missing?

The RaPTr (Rapid Pallet Tracker) by Artemis Vision is a smart logistics solution designed to solve those logistics problems. It is used to automatically scan and track barcodes to provide real time data for logistics operations. Using machine vision, the system scans barcode labels on pallets as they pass through warehouse dock doors or other checkpoints. The scan is done in milliseconds. To top it off, a photographic image of the pallet is stored in the system. This provides a great record of the pallet condition as it leaves a facility. The best part? The forklift driver doesn’t need to stop or even slow down their workflow in order to register their pallet.

A forklift drives past a barcode scanner for logistics tracking

The RaPTr can scan a forklift as it drives by and not slow down warehouse workflow.

Helix 500 Powers Vision for Smart Logistics

Artemis Vision chose the OnLogic Helix 500 (HX500) as the foundation for the RaPTr. A camera captures a photograph of the pallet and the barcodes as they pass by. The Helix 500 stores inventory lists and captured images and can then execute queries or stored procedures. Barcode read events can then display custom messaging on an attached monitor. This messaging provides immediate feedback to forklift drivers and other warehouse personnel that the product(s) and pallet(s) are in the right place at the right time. Moreover, the photograph can provide visual evidence of the condition and content of the pallet.

Small industrial computer tucked behind a machine vision camera

The Helix 500 powers the RaPTr Rapid Pallet Tracker. It is easy to mount and compact to fit in tight spaces.

Fanless Industrial Computer with Intel 10th Generation Processing

The Helix 500 uses Intel 10th generation core processors , which offer high compute power and a long lifecycle. Furthermore, the Helix 500, like many of our industrial computers, is fanless and ventless. That means that dust and dirt, common in a warehouse environment, can’t infiltrate the system and interfere with the electronics. The Helix 500 also withstands extreme temperature fluctuations - down to freezing temperatures and up to 50C (122F).

Machine Vision Replaces Manual Barcode Scanning

This automated solution for smart logistics replaces a manual barcode scanning process. A manual process is slow and has the potential for human error - both of which could lead to profit loss. Accuracy and consistency in inventory scanning helps improve a common supply chain metric - On Time and In Full (OTIF). OTIF Compliance penalties caused by human error can cost as much as 3% of the shipped goods value. RaPTr helps to avoid these penalties and improve OTIF.

Save Time with Smart Logistics

The RaPTr eliminates the costs and errors associated with handheld barcode scanning and offers real time scanning visibility to aid in inventory tracking and eliminating chargebacks. In addition, the RaPTr system has demonstrated the ability to save 25 minutes of loading time per truck, and helps customers manage higher inventory turns. A large facility with RaPTr in place can easily save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in increased productivity and reduced compliance fines.

“We chose the Helix 500 as the foundation for our solution because we needed as much performance as possible. OnLogic has the highest performing options and most up-to-date generations. The Helix 500 gives us the solid state processor and fanless unit that we needed. It’s compact and it supports peripherals including the industrial vision cameras we use.”

- Reed Schneider, Machine Vision and Controls Engineer
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