MC500 Compact Mini-ITX Case (Black)

Versatile, durable, discreet, and easy to customize for any application, the MC500 compact Mini-ITX case, offers plenty of cooling, and the interchangeable face plates allow for easy upgrades in the same convenient, easy-to-mount form factor.
  • Modular faceplates
  • Easy to customize and rebrand
  • 50 mm case cooling fan included (supports up to two)
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In Stock

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MC500 Industrial Versatile Mini-ITX Case


  • Optimized cross-case ventilation and low noise
  • Highly customizable chassis gives the option for a white label solution
  • Compatible with nearly every Mini-ITX motherboard
  • Long Lifecycle with Revision Control
  • Fits up to Four 2.5” HDDs with the use of a double HDD bracket
  • Smart power button with auto power-on setting
  • Rugged plated-steel industrial design with scratch resistant coating.


The MC500 offers multiple mounting points to support two long-life 50 mm MagLev fans for optimal airflow over the motherboard. The 50mm Mag-Lev fans are larger than regular Mini-ITX cooling solutions allowing them to run at a lower RPM with the same efficiency, reducing system noise.

MC500 Mini-ITX Case with flexible cooling options
Quality designed Mini-ITX computer case reduces EMI emissions


All interfacing edges features double right-angle folds and minimum vent hole dimensions to minimize the risk of EMI interference. During manufacturing we mask all of the interfacing edges to keep them free from paint and assure effective electrical conduction between all metal parts.



Plated steel S-Brackets with DIN and bi-directional keyway holes allow this case to be securely mounted in a vast array of environments. The case comes with optional rubber mounting feet for desktop use, as well as four M3 x 0.5 threaded features on the bottom for alternate screw-type mounting.

Highly mountable industrial mini-itx case
Mini-ITX Computer Case with smart power button


Our smart power button can be configured to prevent accidental ON/OFF actions and to start up the system automatically after power loss (overriding BIOS settings), ensuring uptime when power is supplied.



We've designed our computers with flexibility in mind. By leveraging our modular platform architecture and our in-house Engineering & Design Team, we can quickly and cost effectively modify our chassis for your specific project needs. On anything from new mounting holes to the incorporation of more complex features, we'll work with you to create the ideal solution.

Custom industrial mini-itx computer case and custom branding
MC500 Mini-ITX computer with front panel LCD


An optional Crystalfontz Graphics Display front panel with 4 status LEDs and 6 function keypad improves the user interface. The LCD screen can be customized with your logo and programs enabling users to control the computer without the need for a separate display. The front plate can be mounted upside down for applications requiring trunk or ceiling mounting.



The MC500 chassis has been designed with larger PEMs (mainboard mounting standoffs) creating a clearance of 7.2mm between the floor of the case and the motherboard. This extra clearance allows for bottom mounted features on the motherboard, such as memory and compact flash, making this case compatible with nearly every Mini-ITX motherboard. The compact size of this case will not restrict you from having the I/O you need.

MC500 Mini-ITX Motherboard compatible case
MC500 Mini-ITX Case with multiple storage options, up to 4 HDDs


Boasting eight mounting positions, and the ability to mount four 2.5” hard drives (using the double HDD brackets B25-2xHDD), this case gives you plenty of storage configurations for data heavy applications.



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Technical Specs
More Information
Manufacturer Launch Date Q2'12
Case Type Compact
Case Material Steel
Dimensions (WxHxD) 190 x 62 x 196 mm
7.5" x 2.5" x 7.7"
Front I/O 2x USB ports
Power Button
LCD Display (optional with AKLCD-MC500)
Port Punchouts 2 Antenna Holes
Mounting Options DIN-mount
Included Accessories Screws
Adhesive foot pads
Notes Please Note: The default faceplate offers a power button and two USB 2.0 ports, and can be swapped out for an LCD panel (AKLCD-MC500).
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