Fanless Industrial Computers

A fanless PC by OnLogic offers a number of key advantages over traditional, actively cooled systems. Our fanless, solid state mini PCs leverage advanced passive cooling technology that enable cooling without a fan and without vents. They also utilize SSD storage, making for reliable, totally silent computers with no moving parts. Fanless PCs are more resistant to vibration and they excel in dirty and dusty environments.

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  1. Low Profile Fanless Industrial Skylake Computer
    Low Profile Fanless Industrial Skylake Computer ML340G-51
    • Up to Intel Core i7
    • Up to 32 GB of memory
    • Dual DisplayPort connectors

    £950.06 £785.17

    In Stock
  2. Ultra Small Quad Core Fanless Industrial Edge Computer
    CL250 Ultra Small Fanless Industrial Edge Gateway CL250
    • Quad-Core Intel Celeron J3455 processor
    • Dual LAN
    • 8 GB Dual Channel Memory

    £415.01 £342.98

    In Stock
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26 Products

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A Fanless PC for Industry 4.0

Businesses around the world are going through a digital transformation. Computer technology is becoming integrated into all areas of a business from manufacturing, to distribution and analytics. To enable this fundamental change, powerful computers are needed in areas that were previously unthinkable. For example, one might be needed on a factory floor, in an outdoor cabinet or on the side of a forklift. These are all areas that could not support a traditional desktop pc or even laptop.


Environmental Factors that Impact a PC

The environment in which you place a PC has a huge impact on its performance. These factors include:

  • Air quality - is there dirt or dust in the air?
  • Temperature - is the environment too hot or too cold?
  • Vibration - is there machinery nearby causing vibration?

A Fanless PC Addresses Environmental Factors: Air Quality

Many industrial settings have airborne dust and debris. You can imagine the sawdust in a cabinet factory. No matter how hard you might try to keep the area clean, dust is going to make its way into everything. A computer that is actively cooled has a fan bringing cooler air from the outside into the chassis through vents. It’s important to realize that in addition to air, dust and debris will also make their way into the computer. Over time it will settle on the internal assembly, including the fan itself and the circuit board. Eventually, the weight of the dust can cause the fan not to work properly and the computer can easily overheat.


A fanless PC is engineered to stay cool without a fan and without vents in the case. That means that the internal components are protected from dust. Check out our American Woodmark customer story and see how they have benefited from the use of fanless and ventless computers.

A dusty fan in a computer.

A Fanless PC Addresses Environmental Factors: Temperature

The ambient temperature of the outdoors, a factory floor or a warehouse can vary substantially. You need a fanless PC that can take those temperature fluctuations in stride. Most desktop computers were designed to operate in a temperature controlled environment, like a home or office. Our industrial computers are designed to handle temps as low as 0C (32F) and as warm as 50C (122F). If you need a wider range, our rugged line of computers are designed to handle an even wider range as low as -40C (-40F) and as warm as 70C (158F).

In the desert, the temperature can swing wildly, even during the course of a single day. Check out how the San Diego Astronomy Association benefited from the use of a fanless PC to control a telescope from a remote location in the California desert.


A Fanless PC Addresses Environmental Factors: Vibration

A computer placed near a machine in a factory may be subject to small vibrations all day long. If placed on a forklift, the vibrations may be more extreme, and sudden impact forces more likely. Over time, these vibrations can wreak havoc on an off the shelf PC with moving parts. For example, a fan can become dislodged from its casing. Furthermore, the head of a hard disk drive (HDD) might get jostled in respect to the track. The end result could be malfunction. The use of a solid state drive would protect you from this potentially catastrophic failure.

A fanless PC from OnLogic is completely solid state. That means there are no moving parts that are susceptible to damage from vibrations. Need something a little more robust? Our Karbon Series is tested to MIL-STD 810 standards to resist shock and vibration damage.

Powerful Computing for Industry 4.0

A fanless computer is compact,but, that doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful and able to handle complex computing tasks. It’s important to understand your requirements to ensure you get the right processing power and features to support your Industry 4.0 project. Whether you need a simple gateway or a powerful system to handle machine vision analytics, OnLogic has a solution for you. Options include Intel Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3 processors as well as Xeon scalable CPUs. Fanless PCs with AMD Ryzen are also an option. Furthermore, we offer the industrial I/O you need.

Having trouble pinpointing your exact needs? Our team of experienced solution specialists can ensure you get what you need with room to expand, without over-specing. Contact the team today.

A Fanless PC from OnLogic Makes it Possible
  • A pallet stacking solution showing a laser and computer screen
    Smart Warehousing

    Resistant to vibration, dirt, dust and temperature fluctuations, you can see why companies like SAT Technologies are using fanless mini PCs to power their smart warehousing projects.

  • An image showing a group of buildings surrounded by icons showing all the building control possibilities
    Smart Buildings

    From building security to managing energy consumption, a fanless PC from OnLogic is the ideal foundation for smart building management. See how Genea powers their remote property management solutions.

  • An image showing machine vision cameras in a factory setting.
    Smart Factories

    OnLogic systems have the power and capabilities to support machine vision, AI, and wireless edge to cloud implementations. This is why companies like Newlywed Foods rely on fanless PCs by OnLogic to power their solutions.

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