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What is the Cincoze Convertible Display System?


What is the Cincoze Convertible Display System?

The Cincoze Convertible Display System (CDS) is a revolutionary display technology that combines interchangeable computing modules with industrial LCD displays to create a modular Panel PC solution. Users of the Cincoze CDS can select their desired computing module and match it with any of the available display sizes to create the ideal computing platform and allow for easy system maintenance, upgrades or replacement of individual components if necessary.


What are the Advantages of the Cincoze Convertible Display System?

A standard Panel PC offers the advantage of an all-in-one solution, combining easy interface via touchscreen control with an onboard computing unit. The downside of this technology is that should the screen or the computing hardware become damaged or obsolete, the entire unit has to be replaced. The Cincoze CDS provides unparalleled flexibility and allows users to easily swap out the computing module or screen. Screen sizes can be changed on the fly, additional monitors can be added or upgrades to the computing hardware can be implemented quickly, easily and at a fraction of the cost of traditional Panel PC systems.


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