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Karbon Series – Firmware Update Quickstart Guide

OnLogic offers a simple utility for updating the microcontroller firmware on your Karbon 300 series computer. You can find versions for both Windows and Linux systems below.

Note: Follow ‘Automatic’ instructions to automatically retrieve and install the latest firmware. If you need to update a K700 series computer, please contact support.

Windows (Automatic):

  • Download karbon_update.exe
  • Open a command prompt, navigate to your downloads, and run:

Windows (Manual):

karbon_update.exe "some-update-binary.bin"

Linux (Automatic):

  • Open a terminal and run (copy and paste entire block):
curl https://static.logicsupply.com/resources/firmware/utilities/karbon_update --output karbon_update.bin && chmod +x karbon_update.bin && sudo ./karbon_update.bin

Linux (Manual):

chmod +x karbon_update && sudo ./karbon_update “some-update-binary.bin”

Updated on November 12, 2019

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