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How do I enable automotive/ignition timings?

The K700 contains a microcontroller which among other things, controls the timings. You can read more on the controller here: https://www.onlogic.com/support/onlogic-systems/rugged/karbon-series/karbon-series-using-the-serial-interface

What PoE standards does the optional PoE module support?

802.3at – up to 25.5 watts per port

How do I enable auto power on?

Enter the BIOS and go to Advanced > PCH-IO Configuration > Auto Power-On. See below for a step by step guide.

Disassembly Instructions

Required tools: Torx T10 Driver, P2 Phillips Driver

Opening the K700 does not void the manufacturer’s warranty. However, some precautions are necessary to avoid damaging the unit.

  • Perform this disassembly in an area free of static discharge
  • Before beginning, touch a grounded metal surface to discharge your body of static electricity
  1. Remove the 6x case screws from the sides of the K700 and lift away the bottom cover.
  1. Remove any modbay cards by taking out the Phillips screws and lifting them straight out.
  1. Pull the metal shroud upward out of the case. Tip: grab it by the metal tabs.

The motherboard is now accessible. The figure below details the different thermal pads required from add-on components.

Enabling Auto Power On

Auto power on will automatically turn on the K700 after power failure. This feature can be enabled in the BIOS.

  • Power on the K700 and immediately press the Del key a few times until you get the “Front Page” menu
  • Use the arrow keys to select “Setup Utility” and press enter
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab and open the PCH-IO Configuration submenu
  • Change the Auto Power-On opttion to Enabled
  • From the Exit tab, Exit Saving Changes
  • Auto power on is now enabled

Clearing the CMOS

If the K700 fails to power on or otherwise function, clearing the CMOS may help restore it to a working state. The CMOS must be reset via this method – removing the battery will not work due to the supercap feature.

  • Unplug the system from all power and peripherals and perform the disassembly steps above.
  • Locate the BIOS_DFLT jumper

  • Short the two pins for 30 seconds with a conductive object such as a screwdriver

  • The CMOS is now clear. Reassemble and power on the unit. It may reboot several times before displaying video.
  • If the unit still fails to function, contact technical support.

Din Mounting Kit Assembly

MTW106 & MTD103

  • Remove the 2x DIN clips and the mounting bracket from the accessory box
  • Install the DIN clips onto the brackets using the small screws that came with the clips.
  • Align clips as shown
  • Install the mounting brackets to the bottom of the K700
  • Final assembly shown
Updated on July 13, 2020

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