NWK200: AT Commands

Report current status

View the operational status of the modem using the AT command:


Switching SIM Card Slots

The NWK200 comes with two built-in SIM slots. It does not have any provision for automatic SIM switching, so a user must intervene in order to change SIMs. SIM slot 1 on the card connects to UIM0 on the modem. SIM slot 2 on the card, or any motherboard or external slot, connects to UIM1.

  • To select the “operating” SIM slot, run:
    • AT!UIMS=n Where n is 0 or 1
  • A password is not required for this command

If an error is received switching to UIM1 then it is currently disabled (likely by a modem reset). Use AT!CUSTOM=”UIM2ENABLE”,1 to enable UIM1.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hot-swapping a SIM card (e.g. via external slot) may reset the selected UIM. If this happens, it will have to be configured correctly again.

Password-protected AT Commands

Some of the EM7455’s AT commands are protected by a password and will return an error if a password has not been entered. To enter the password, from the terminal, send:


Password is case-sensitive

Updated on February 25, 2021

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