Security & Surveillance

Our Security & Surveillance line features a range of hardened NVRs designed for dependable deployment in the most challenging surveillance environments.


Security & Surveillance

Our line of rugged, mobile network video recorders (NVRs) are designed for the most demanding surveillance installations where shock, vibration, airborne contaminants or variable input voltage are a concern.

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Over the last two years, we have purchased dozens of Network Video Recorder computers for CCTV from OnLogic. These units have proven to be highly reliable - despite the fact that these units are deployed offshore, on Oil and Gas rigs.

—Jean-Jacques Paufiques, President, Jelec, Inc.

Engineered For Success


Reliable 24/7 Operation

Our hardened chassis are paired with high quality components to ensure reliable performance in mission critical applications.

Rugged & Mobile

Designed for today’s surveillance needs, our computers are built to go anywhere, with ultra-durable components and variable power input capabilities.

Easy To Customize

We’re committed to matching your application to the ideal hardware. Tell us what you need in an NVR and we’ll help you create the perfect solution.


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Rugged Computers from OnLogic


Rugged PCs are most often designed to resist extreme temperatures, shock & vibration and exposure to dust or wet conditions.

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In-Vehicle PC

In-Vehicle Computer

In-Vehicle Computers for transportation applications will almost always include the following features: vibration resistant, wide temperature, and ignition-sensing automotive power.

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