Learn the 5 ways fanless computers can help your business

Did you know there may be a single component in every one of your computers that’s costing you money? Making the business case for fanless computers is simple once you understand the 5 ways fanless computers can help.

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The key to success in Industry 4.0 is mitigating every risk for disruption. Using fanless industrial computers is one way businesses can mitigate risk. While the upfront cost for a fanless industrial computer can be more expensive than a commercial off-the-shelf system, fanless computers often provide a lower total cost of ownership, along with reduced downtime, increased meantime between failures, lower operating costs, smaller form factor, and quieter operation.


After reading this white paper you will understand:

  • How computers stay cool
  • The 5 challenges facing traditional actively cooled computers
  • The cost of downtime
  • The advantages of a fanless computer