What Does Water Resistant Mean?


What is a Water Resistant Computer?

A water resistant computer is a computer that has an IP67 rating which allows the system to be fully submerged underwater up to 1 meter.


Common Issues with Water Resistant Computers

Depending on the quality of the design for a water resistant computer, gaskets and internal components can erode over time.


At OnLogic, we’ve had trouble identifying a waterproof solution that lives up to our lofty standards. Currently, our highest rated computers are our Panel PCs, which feature an IP65 rating.


What Other Aspects Should I Consider?

If you are planning to fully submerge a system underwater, check that the IP-rating is IP67 or above. Also check that the system is fully IP67 rated. Some systems, such as Panel PCs, may only feature an IP67 rated front bezel, allowing the system to be sprayed or wiped down, but not fully submerged.

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