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TIMS Medical Project Challenges

Project Challenges


For almost 15 years TIMS Medical, a division of Foresight Imaging, has helped hospitals save money through reduced capital equipment purchases, improved efficiency, and reduced disposable costs by providing innovative solutions for medical imaging applications.


Their TIMS Consultant is an interactive video broadcast network for hospitals that provides high resolution, live video streams from any medical modality across the hospital network, or anywhere remotely, with ultra-low latency. TIMS Consultant provides hospitals with the ability to immediately leverage the expertise of remotely-located doctors and surgeons in instances where time is of the essence.

  • TIMS Consultant can be used in the operating room when a surgeon needs another surgeon’s opinion live and immediately.
  • Pathology groups can view and discuss slides from remote locations, saving travel time and maintaining HIPAA compliance. They can also consult live during surgery to identify margins.
  • When performing diagnostic imaging procedures including ultrasound, interventional radiology, and cardiac imaging, TIMS Consultant can be used when a radiological technologist, resident physician, or attending physician needs quick direction or input from a colleague or other expert.
TIMS Medical Solution

The OnLogic Solution


Because TIMS Consultant systems are used in a variety of hospital settings, achieving a small footprint was a key concern. Packaging the required performance, with a cooling system to match, in a low-profile system was a daunting task. As Tony Molinari, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Co-Founder of Foresight Imaging puts it, "OnLogic is instrumental in meeting these challenges head-on and provides a system at a price point that fits into our business plan."


The custom OnLogic chassis, coupled with Foresight Imaging’s video capture hardware, is the core on top of which the TIMS Consultant software operates. This system is connected directly to hospital equipment including fluoroscopes, ultrasounds, endoscopes, robotic surgery systems and many other critical diagnostic and treatment devices. Once imagery is captured, it is compressed and streamed live to thin client workstations inside and outside of the hospital. The solution needed to include a powerful CPU and be able to accommodate a demanding, multi-input video capture card, all while remaining extremely quiet. OnLogic used specially designed cooling paths and fan muffling technologies to keep the system running cool and silent.

Tony Molinari, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Co-Founder of Foresight Imaging
"TIMS Medical did not have the necessary expertise to design a computing platform in-house. Our partnership with OnLogic worked more like an extension to our organization versus just another 'supplier' relationship. OnLogic helped solidify the hardware component of our system and allowed us to concentrate on software development." Tony Molinari, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Co-Founder of Foresight Imaging
TIMS Medical Custom Solution

Creating A Customized Solution


In order to create a truly unique device, TIMS Medical engaged with the OnLogic team to design a chassis that would meet the specific needs of their business and their customers. In addition to an optical drive, the TIMS Medical team required a particular set of I/O and indicator lights that would allow for easy operation. On top of the structural design of the chassis, the TIMS Consultant is also fully branded with the company's colors and logo, making it easy for integrators and operators to identify it wherever it's installed. The OnLogic team also designed a special disk-shaped mounting stand to enable vertical desktop use, saving valuable, and often very limited, workstation space.

Tony Molinari, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Co-Founder of Foresight Imaging
"OnLogic was the only potential partner that was willing to provide mechanical engineering resources on site during the early sales process. Having a knowledgeable resource such as [OnLogic Senior Hardware Architect] Rodney Hill on hand helped us identify several potential issues that we were not even aware of. OnLogic’s expertise in small form factor, high performance, reliable systems with unique cooling challenges cinched the deal for us." Tony Molinari, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Co-Founder of Foresight Imaging
TIMS Medical Growth

Growing Together


The TIMS Consultant system is an outgrowth of the TIMS DICOM System, which is also built on a OnLogic system. Consultant required an evolution in terms of performance, memory and disk capacity, without impacting footprint. The TIMS team worked closely with OnLogic at every step of the process to ensure that functionality, space constraints, certifications and operational efficiencies were carefully accounted for in the final device.


"As with all TIMS Medical products; patient safety, reliability and performance are of the utmost concern," Molinari says. "OnLogic has consistently met these demands by helping to design a computing platform that meets national and international regulatory agency requirements, is highly reliable in mission-critical situations and delivers the performance needed to maintain low-latency streaming of live video."


The OnLogic team leveraged their expertise in EMC and safety testing for both IT and medical equipment to help the TIMS Medical regulatory team achieve IEC 60601-1 3rd / 4th edition compliance for the TIMS Consultant, allowing for ease of installation to end users.

Tony Molinari, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Co-Founder of Foresight Imaging
"Our relationship with OnLogic has been very successful. They've been by our side every step of the way from design to delivery, and continue to be responsive to our needs, even after the sale has been made. Their proximity to our headquarters has been another benefit, allowing us to achieve occasional “same day” deadlines." Tony Molinari, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Co-Founder of Foresight Imaging

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