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“As a manufacturer, we need a reliable and fast-acting hardware provider like OnLogic, with the latest state-of-the-art products, a wide product range and good technical support.”Kai Niiranen, R&D Engineer at Sparklike

Who is Sparklike?

Specialists in Insulated Glass Testing

Sparklike ( is the developer of the world’s first non-destructive argon analyzer for insulated glass windows and doors, the Gasglass Laser. Since 2001, their products have been sold worldwide, and are used daily by the world’s leading testing laboratories and insulated glass and window manufacturers.


The Sparklike Gasglass product line is based on the company’s proprietary and patented technology, which allows users to test the concentration of insulating gas inside insulated units without having to break them. This unique non-invasive testing allows Sparklike customers to deliver pre-tested products, test already installed units or perform long term testing at their production facilities.


Project Needs

A Small, Highly Reliable, Easily Connectible Industrial PC

In 2015 Sparklike launched the Gasglass Laser to help in solving many of the testing challenges faced by insulated glass manufacturers. The new technology allows for the testing of complicated structures, such as energy efficient triple glazed units. The Gasglass Laser fires a beam into the insulated glass (IG) and then measures the reflected beam, testing for the amount of oxygen, argon, krypton, xenon present in the insulation layer.


For the Gasglass Laser, Sparklike needed a small industrial PC that would handle the necessary data processing inside the gas fill analyzer.

“The computer we were going to use in the Gasglass Laser needed to be small but still have multiple hardware connections and operate effectively,” says Kai Niiranen, R&D Engineer at Sparklike. “It also needed to be reasonably priced and stay cool without any additional fan. Mainly our analyzers are used in a factory setting, and thus the device and its parts need to tolerate quite harsh environmental factors like dust, heat and vibration. Our analyzers are typically serviced once a year, so our clients need to be able to rely on the hardware to function properly day to day.”

The OnLogic Solution

The OnLogic ML300 Industrial NUC

Working with EU Account Manager Raymond Bruitzman, Kai and the team at Sparklike settled on the ML300 Industrial PC platform for the Gasglass Laser project.

“We found that the OnLogic ML300 was a perfect fit for the Gasglass product,” said Niiranen. “It was easy to interface with the analyzer and solved our hardware challenges. The system is small, robust and easy to integrate into the device that we were developing. It has all the power we need in a compact package and gives us room for further development on future projects.”
Sparklike Gasglass Laser and OnLogic ML300

The ML300 is responsible for running the measuring control and analyzing software over a windows embedded 7 platform. The system controls the drivers and engines, collecting data from a data acquisition device, running the data analysis and user interface, and communicating over an Ethernet and/or USB connection.

“The process has been easy from the start as OnLogic offers excellent tech support and a range of customization options. Overall, our experience working with OnLogic has been very good. They’ve been very professional, and things happen fast and according to the agreed schedule.”

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